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Gravel Season Kicks off at the Carlton Supercross 2014!

Sam Smith was at the second leg of the Carlton Super Series


The Carton Supercross played host to the start of a brand new Gravel Season for 2014. The track in Tissamaharamawas run clockwise, as opposed to last year, but still proved to be one of the dustiest tracks on the calendar. Expectations were high though, as drivers and spectators were eager to get a glimpse as to how the season may pan out.


SL-S – A class to watch in 2014

Over the course of 2013, the Specials class has undoubtedly gained popularity, with more and more competitors realising the potential of the series. The less restrictive rules and regulations too also ensure that a wide variety of machinery is always on offer.


It was SajaadZuhair though, that managed to once again stamp his authority on the class by dominating the race in his Honda Civic. Dileepa Fernando managed to claw his way through the field to finish in third, with NishanWasalatanthri managing to secure second.


SL-H – The young and the experienced do battle!

SL-H saw another great example of driving, with the talent and experience of SajaadZuhair coming under pressure from the youth and persistence of DamithWeerasinge. It was Damith who qualified on pole, and managed to keep the ever persistentZuhair behind him for race one. IshraqWahab looked competitive for at least a podium, but sadly his race ended in the opening stages. Blinded by the incredible amount of dust, his car hit an embankment and was launched in the air, before being impaled on a rock. Thankfully Wahab was OK, but the damage to his car proved terminal for the weekend.


In race two, Sajaad was able to get the upper hand, and would continue on to the flag without being challenged from Damith who finished in second. UpulwanSerasinghe and Mohan Perera finished in third and fourth respectively, both in race one and race two.


SL-GT – Strong Showing from Wahab, but Early Dominance by Silva

IsharqWahab had better luck in the SLGT class after qualifying pole. The grid still featured some tough opposition though, with Ashan Silva in second, Dilan Seneviratne in third, and Dinesh Jayawardena in fourth. It’s of note that Tissamaharama was the first gravel race for Dilan after his massive shunt last year at Foxhill. Another interesting addition to the grid was a Starlet GT of SajithaWedisinghe – and although it didn’t prove the most competitive in this early outing, it was nice to see something other than the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza norm on the grid.


Race one saw Ashan take an early lead in the first circuit outing for his newly prepared Evo VII. With Ishraq leaving the door open down to turn one, Ashan saw his opportunity and grabbed it, although not without a few panels touching. Once Ashan got past, the gap quickly opened. Silva managed to win both races, with Isharq and Dilan coming in behind him.


IvonGurusinghe usurps Adikari and Sandaruwan

In the Motocross bikes 100cc upto 125cc (2T) & 175cc upto 250cc (4T) races, it was a tough battle witnessed by all, with the main challengersGayanSandaruwan and ShehanAdikari both favourites for the win. It proved to be Adikari who won race one, but IvonGurusinghe who clinched race two. Having finished second in race two, he was awarded the coveted title of best rider, whilst best driver award went to Ashan Silva


What next?

Although the season isn’t in full swing yet, the Carlton Supercross was a good indication as of what to expect from another exciting year in gravel racing. In fact, it wasn’t long until we got to see the second round of the SLAS Gravel Championship, at Sigiriya. Turn to page 32 to find out what happened!



Group -  SL A - MINI 7

1stSashikaLakmal, 2nd K Parameshwaren, 3rd Donald Buultjens

Group - H Cars - Subaru Legacy Up to 2200 CC

1stTyronneHendevitharana, 2ndHashenPeries, 3rdChamindaDharmawardana

Group - SL N Ford Laser / Mazda  1300 CC

1stKushanPeries, 2ndUpulwanSerasinghe, 3rdSusanthaGunawardana

Group J 'MX' Juniors over 65cc upto 85cc - 2T (Under 16 years)

1stJacques Gunawardana, 2ndKasunTharakaWickramaarachchi 3rdBinulaKithalgama

Group J 'MX' Juniorsupto 50cc (Under 10 years)

1stTheekshanaPerera, 2ndSandeepaThulakshana, 3rdDilashJayasuriya

Group 'M' Std/Mod Street Trail upto 125cc (2T & 4T)

1stNihalWijerathne, 2ndSamanKarunarathne, 3rdNadeeraEdirisinghe

MX' Super Motard - over 100cc upto 125cc (2T) and over 175cc upto 250cc (4T)

1stUdikaSrimalMalavige, 2ndUdeshWedisinghe , 3rdIranthaTharuka

Group - SL GT Cars  Up to 3500 CC (Championship Event)  Race 1

1stAshan Silva, 2ndIshraqWahab, 3rd Dilan Seneviratne

Group - SL N Ford Laser / Mazda  1500 CC

1stUpulwanSerasinghe, 2ndKushanPeiris, 3rdSusanthaGunawardena

Group - N  Cars -   Up to 1000 CC

1stKushanPeiris, 2nd Dinesh Jayawardena, 3rdGayanRanathunga

Group 'MX' Motocross bikes 125cc (2T & 4T)

1stIshanDasanayake, 2ndSameeraPremarathna, 3rdShehanAdikari

Group 'MX' Motocross bikes 125cc (2T & 4T)

1stSameeraPremarathne, 2ndMithunJayashanka, 3rdSudeahNilanga

Group J 'MX' Juniors over 65cc upto 85cc - 2T (Under 13 years)

1stVinushka Silva 2ndBhanukaRathnayake 3rdShavinduShenal

Group 'MX' Motocross bikes 100cc upto 125cc (2T) & 175cc upto 250cc (4T) - Race 1

1stShanukaSandaruwan 2nd Winston Dias 3rdHarshanaPrabath

Group - H  Cars  Up to 1600 CC      (Championship Event) Race 1

1stDamithWeerasinghe 2ndSajaadZuhair 3rdUpulwanSerasinghe 4th Mohan Perera 5thSashikaLakmal

Group - Truck & Jeep Open

1stSanjayaSedaraSenarath 2ndDumindaJayasinghe 3rd Ravi Mayadunne

Group 'Super MX' Super Motard - Open Upto 450 CC

1stIranthaTharuka 2ndUdikaSrimalMalavige 3rdAnandaSampathWeerasinghe

Group - H  Cars  Up to 1600 CC     (Championship Event) Race 2

1stSajaadZuhair 2ndDamithWeerasinghe 3rdUpulwanSerasinghe 4th Mohan Perera 5thSashikaLakmal

Group - S  Cars -  Specials Up to 1500 CC (Championship Event)

1stSajaadZuhair 2ndNishanWasalatanthri 3rdDileepa Fernando

Group - SL GT  Cars  Up to 3500 CC (Championship Event)  Race 2

1stAshan Silva 2ndIshraqWahab 3rd Dilan Senevirathna 4thKapilaJayasundara 5th Dinesh Jayawardana

Group 'MX' Motocross bikes 100cc upto 125cc (2T) & 175cc upto 250cc (4T) - Race 2

1stIvonGurusinghe 2ndDeshan Solanki 3rdShehanAdikari


Truck & Jeep Highest Placed Diesel Competitor

Ravi Mayadunne


Best Driver

Ashan Silva


Best Rider