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Upmarket Feature-Filled Demak Explorer 125

Upmarket Feature-Filled Demak Explorer 125

The Demak range of scooters and motorcycles in our market is growing fast and so is the Dealer network of 600 touch points (Sales, Service, Spares) islandwide. Demak two-wheelers enjoy a following in the vast ‘youth’ and ‘young executives’ segment of our rider population. Also, some models of this extensive range suit rural life where for instance cultivators or dairy farmers and others transport their wares to market on the backs of Demak scooters and motorcycles.


In the suburbs, too, the Demak range of two-wheelers is catching on with some of those who’ve left their youth behind a long while ago.  Nostalgia, perhaps, for the sportier lifestyle of one’s youth.  In fact I recall with a whole lot of fondness, daily-use street bikes that looked and sounded like they were ready for the track. Like some of the Demak motorcycles we’ve test ridden.


Scooters are found to be the highest selling category in recent years, and one of the many reasons for the increased popularity is the larger numbers of the fairer gender coming aboard.  Demak has four scooters to lure the ladies with, their latest addition to the line-up the Explorer 125 is our test feature you see here. ‘Explorer’ you might say is more likely to be the name given to a purpose built adventure off-roader type bike.  Yet this scooter from Demak has been given this name. Maybe this is for its journey into new areas of two-wheeler offerings. A full 125cc single cylinder CVT (automatic) scooter with loads of stowage the Explorer is a good looking scooter that introduces a number of interesting (and I must say, car-like) features. The Explorer sports a remote opening fuel filler flap, plus a remote activating seat lock, cavernous stowage (beneath the seat), a generous inside-apron stowage chamber (for holding document files and similar), and a USB phone charger socket.  Plus interestingly, a glove box (in the inside apron).  Of course, gloves can be expected to be used by two-wheeler riders and so a glove box is not entirely a surprise feature here. Rounding off the feature list, a kill-switch (more properly known as the engine cut-off switch) is included for sporty effect.


The main switch is multi-purpose  - ignition/steering lock/seat unlocking/fuel filler flap. With the key inserted the accompanying rocker switch can be used to unlock the seat or the fuel filler flap. But a safety feature is that the key has to be in the engine-off position to enable these two actions. This means when you roll up to the fuel pump you switch your engine off before opening the fuel filler flap.  A forward-looking safety feature, here. Not many a car can boast of this safety feature.


The under seat stowage is enormous and I’ve heard of it being about 30 litres in capacity. By locating the fuel tank away from under the saddle -  and from under the rider’s bottom  -  the Explorer’s design people have cleverly created this vast hold-all space for your belongings.  How many supercars can match this luggage space, I wonder, despite their exorbitant demand on your wallet.


The Explorer offers a clean finish, body-fit and paint-wise, and I found the bike calm and stable through the rough stuff that I go looking for on our ride tests, and giving me the impression of being solidly bolted together. The meter panel is ana-digi, a circular analog sweep for road speed, and within its southern quadrant a digital fuel meter and trip distance display.  The speedo face is clear even in the bright sunlight of mid-day.


LED lighting is a feature on the Demak Explorer with a number of applications including the multi-LED necklace of lights on the front apron for daylight running lighting.  This is probably the first ever such design to be seen on our roads on a scooter and provides the appropriate safety element of visibility in busy daily traffic and in low light conditions.


Stylish 5-spoke cast wheels roll the Explorer around.  At first you may question the effect of uneven diameter wheels -  12” in front, 10” rear  -  on the balance and stability of the Explorer.  Yet there is absolutely no noticeable negative effect on the ride comfort or stability of this scooter. If you had not gone through the tech specs of the bike you’d never feel the difference in one wheel being taller than its mate.  Indeed, the designers of the Demak Explorer would have specified these two wheel sizes in order to raise the comfort and stability factors in combination with the build geometry of the Explorer.


The ride on the Explorer is also smoothed out by the telescopic fork suspension at the front end, and this works in sync with the coil-over unit at the rear.  Another smooth front-rear operation is the brake system.  The ventilated disc brake up front is so light and easy to use, and combines well with the rear drum for effective braking.


Acceleration is zippy and the Explorer is quick off the mark at the countless traffic light intersections.  Similarly, the bike feels stable in the handling department and one is tempted to open the throttle twist grip in search of the horses this 125cc engine delivers.

The Explorer comes in three colours  -  blue, orange, and red  -  each  in combination with white, and looking good all three of them. 


The Demak Explorer 125 was unveiled to the local public at the Motor Show in August of this year. Aimed at the top end of the scooter segment in our country and, the Explorer being a daily-rider, this two-wheeler could well be soon seen in considerable numbers scooting around our roads, urban, sub-urban, and rural. We are told that more colours are scheduled to arrive in the days ahead.


DEMAK – A wide range of two-wheelers

Manufactured in Malaysia the Demak range of scooters and motorcycles arrives in Sri Lanka in varying stages of readiness, final assembly being carried out within the facilities of Demak Manufacturing Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Demak Sales & Services Lanka (Pvt) Limited handles the sales and marketing and prominently located in Vauxhall Street in Colombo 2 is the Company’s main showroom, centre of operations, and a service unit. Industry veteran Krishan Abeydeera is the Company’s Senior Business Development Manager, his friendly and knowledgeable team supporting closely.  

The Demak line-up starts with the 90cc Demak EX and RUV step-thru’s, and goes on to the four scooters beginning with the 110cc Civic and on to  the three 125cc scooters Transtar, Tropica and our test bike the Explorer.  In the eight bike 120cc to 200cc  motorcycle line-up are the commuter, sport, and adventure/on-off road plantation-type motorcycles. 

Demak have entered the local motorcycle racing arena and have signed up leading gravel track race rider Udika Srimal Malavige to give exposure to the Demak brand on race circuits.  Malavige is a Supermotard Champion three years on the trot  -  2011 through 2013.  Demak and Malavige are in their second year of racing collaboration now and the brand has enjoyed much podium exposure during this time, the most recent being race victory at Walawa Supercross 2017.





Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder

124.6 cc


52.4 x 57.8mm  Bore x Stroke

9.5:1  Compression Ratio

Electric / Kick



12 Volt Maintenance-free battery






Type              Underbone

Wheelbase    1370 mm

Tyres      Front    90/90  x 12

                  Rear   100/90 x 10

 Brakes                   Front   Disc,  hydraulic

Rear    Drum



                Front   Telescopic fork

Rear    Coil and damper                                     



Length                    1920 mm

Width                                        700 mm

Height                     1150 mm

Weight                      108 kg

Fuel tank                  6.6 liters



Max Power        6.4 kW

Max Torque      9.45 Nm


COLOURS       Blue,  Orange,  Red  



Warranty    2 years / 30,000 kms


HOW MUCH   Rs 239,900/-