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Southern Motorsports Club Eliyakanda Hill Climb 2018

A drizzly Sunday in February played host to the 2018 running of the Southern Motor Sports Club (SMSC)’s Eliyakanda Hill Climb event, held at the Browns Hill in Matara. Thankfully the weather cleared up and the track dried out to allow some great times to be set. The event was run in accordance with SLAS (Sri Lanka Automobile Sports) code, and a large number of cars and motorcycles competed up the hill under twenty six categories. The 540-metre course consists of four corners, namely Single Tree Corner, Residency Corner, Southern Corner and Tower Corner.

Motor’s very own Namal Silva picked up top step of the podium in the Mini 7 – One Make Group A (Modified Cars) category with a 41.874s timing, steering his newly painted Mini to a convincing victory. A change of colour (from green to red) for a new racing season, and a great result to kick off with.

In the SL-GT 3500 category, honours went to Dinesh Jayawardena who powered the Mitsubishi Evo up the hill in 33.745s, pipping SL-GT champion Ashan Silva by over one second.

Dushan Mudalige was the fastest man on two wheels in the Super Motard open category, with a timing of 35.072s.

Fastest man on four wheels? That honour goes to Dilan Senevirathna in the Formula Cars Modified up to 1665cc Group F category, who hustled his lightweight monster through the course to a time of 32.422s.



Event 01: Ford Laser/Mazda 323 up to 1500cc – BD, BE, BF

Hatchbacks & Sedans Group N Production Cars

Winner                   : Rajitha Uluvita                     (Best Run: 39.712)

1st Runner Up        : Shenal Gunawardena         (Best Run: 40.167)

2nd Runner Up        : Mahesh Kodagoda            (Best Run: 41.862)

Event 02: Formula McLarens 1300cc EFI Group F


Winner                   : Chandima Gunarathne         (Best Run: 36.644)

1st Runner Up        : Brian Perera                         (Best Run: 36.773)

2nd Runner Up        : Ranjaya Dissanayake         (Best Run: 37.320)

Event 03: Formula Cars up to 1600cc (Ford Formula) Group F


Winner                   : Dilan Senevirathna             (Best Run: 35.435)

1st Runner Up        : Nadeera Jinasena              (Best Run: 36.064)

Event 04: Formula Cars Modified up to 1665cc Group F


Winner                   : Dilan Senevirathna              (Best Run: 32.422)

Event 05: Open for Diesel & Petrol Vehicles Group T & J

Winner                   : Ishraq Wahab                       (Best Run: 39.054)

1st Runner Up        : Sanjaya Sedara Senarath   (Best Run: 43.818)

2nd Runner Up        : Cassim Wahab                    (Best Run: 49.602)

Event 06: up to 1050cc Group A (Modified Cars)

Winner                   : Mahen Madugalla                 (Best Run: 38.630)

1st Runner Up        : Chamika Ranathunga          (Best Run: 42.368)

2nd Runner Up        : Linusha Perera                    (Best Run: 01.25.843)

Event 07: Mini 7 – One Make Group A (Modified Cars)

Winner                   : Namal Silva                          (Best Run: 41.784)

1st Runner Up        : W.M.G. Tisera                      (Best Run: 42.339)

2nd Runner Up        : K. Parameswaran                (Best Run: 42.633)

Event 08: SL H Cars up to 1618cc

(One Make – Honda 3 door) Group H

Winner                   : Kushan Peiris                      (Best Run: 36. 150)

1st Runner Up        : Dammika Reiris                   (Best Run: 42. 508)

2nd Runner Up        : Prasanna De Alwis             (Best Run: 51.971)

Event 09: Up to 3500cc Group GT (Grand Touring Cars)

Winner                   : Dinesh Jayawardena            (Best Run: 33.745)

1st Runner Up        : Ashan Silva                          (Best Run: 34.860)

2nd Runner Up        : Darin Weerasinghe             (Best Run: 35.030)

Event 10: Cars Up to 1000cc – One Make

Nissan March Group E (Entry Level)

Winner                   : Dilupa Palliyaguru                (Best Run: 41.731)

1st Runner Up        : Memminda Arachchi           (Best Run: 42.712)

2nd Runner Up        : Dilanka Wijesooriya           (Best Run: 42.810)

Event 11: Ford Laser/Mazda 323 up to 1300cc –

BD, BE, BF Hatch backs & Sedan Group E (Entry Level)

Winner                   : Manura Wanniarachchi         (Best Run: 41.370)

1st Runner Up        : Naween Madawa Bandara   (Best Run: 41.421)

2nd Runner Up        : Kolitha Edirisinghe              (Best Run: 43.021)

Event 12: Mini up to 1275 – One Make Group E (Entry Level)

Winner                   : Chanaka Rathnayake            (Best Run: 40.028)

1st Runner Up        : Neel Weerasinghe                 (Best Run: 40.848)

2nd Runner Up        : Thiran Perera                       (Best Run: 41.912)

Event 13: Cars up to 1350cc – Modified (CLUB EVENT)

Winner                   : Rajitha Uluwita                      (Best Run: 39.345)

1st Runner Up        : Jagath Munasinghe              (Best Run: 42.200)

2nd Runner Up        : Prasanna De Alwis              (Best Run: 50.57)

Event 14: Diesel Cars Open (CLUB EVENT)

Winner                   : Prasanna De Alwis                               (Best Run: 44.393)

1st Runner Up        : Udara Palliyaguru                                (Best Run: 46.770)

2nd Runner Up        : Dilupa Palliyaguru                               (Best Run: 47. 353)

Event 15: Group ‘O’ - Standard Motorcycles

over 100cc up to 125cc – 4T

Winner                   : Sanjeewa Udaya Kumara     (Best Run: 42.236)

1st Runner Up        : Chaminda Subasinghe         (Best Run: 43.299)

2nd Runner Up        : Supun Danushka                 (Best Run: 44.196)

Event 16: Group ‘O’ - Standard Motorcycles 160cc – 4T

Winner                   : Asanka Samarawickrama    (Best Run: 40.753)

1st Runner Up        : Pathirage Vinula                  (Best Run: 40.969)

2nd Runner Up        : Pathirage Mangala             (Best Run: 41. 858)

Event 17: Group M - Standard Motorcycles

over 100cc up to 125cc – 2T

Winner                   : Dammika Senarathne           (Best Run: 42.763)

1st Runner Up        : Sanjeewa Udayakumara      (Best Run: 43.596)

2nd Runner Up        : Isuru Madushan                   (Best Run: 44.536)

Event 18: Group M - Standard Motorcycles

250cc Supersports

Winner                   : Nipun Dilanka                       (Best Run: 37.542)

1st Runner Up        : Madura Pieris                       (Best Run: 37.567)

2nd Runner Up        : Janaka Dinesh                    (Best Run: 38.094)

Event 19: Group SM – Super Motored 250cc – 4T

Winner                   : Maheel Pavitra                     (Best Run: 38.155)

1st Runner Up        : Nipun Dilanka                      (Best Run: 38.254)

2nd Runner Up        : Kavindu Dushan Mudalige (Best Run: 38.350)

Event 20: Group M – Modified Motorcycle 600cc

Winner                   : Amal Supun Suraj                                  (Best Run: 40.853)

1st Runner Up        : Amila Hashan                                        (Best Run: 43.190)

2nd Runner Up        : S.D.D. Nadeeshan                               (Best Run: 44.471)

Event 21: Group M – Street Trail 250cc – 4T

Winner                   : Lahiru Randeep                    (Best Run: 38.899)

1st Runner Up        : Maheel Pavitra                     (Best Run: 38.965)

2nd Runner Up        : Ishan Edirisinghe                (Best Run: 39.448)

Event 22: Group SM – Super Motard Open

Winner                   : Dushan Mudalige                                 (Best Run: 35.076)

1st Runner Up        : Yohan Dabare                                      (Best Run: 38.659)

2nd Runner Up        : Kushan Mudalige                                (Best Run: 41.758)

Event 23: Group M – Street Trail 250cc – 2T

Winner                   : Shane Mark De Silva             (Best Run: 38.733)

1st Runner Up        : H.G. Kasun                            (Best Run: 42.820)

2nd Runner Up        : S. Vasudevan                       (Best Run: 44.566)

Event 24: Group M – Modified Motorcycles

Over 900cc up to 1000cc – 4T

Winner                   : Insaf Basheer                       (Best Run: 38.002)

1st Runner Up        : Lahiru Randeep Hansa       (Best Run: 38.399)

2nd Runner Up        : Ishan Edirisinghe               (Best Run: 42.090)

Event 25: Sports Touring Motorcycles

Over 700cc (CLUB EVENT)

Winner                   : Akalanka Perera                   (Best Run: 39.176)

1st Runner Up        : Shashika Sandaruwan         (Best Run: 39.765)

2nd Runner Up        : Amila Hashan                      (Best Run: 41.611)

Event 26: One Make Series Buel (CLUB EVENT)

Winner                   : Amila Hashan                       (Best Run: 40.272)

1st Runner Up        : W.P.S. Ranaweera               (Best Run: 42.677)

2nd Runner Up        : Buddika Peiris                     (Best Run: 43.383)