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Lavish Eco Jungle Of nature, wild and calm in Weerawila

Weerawila Lake is the central attraction for several resorts but probably the most popular is situated on galle road – the A2. And no, that’s not what it is called!

Lavish Eco Jungle is a jungle based resort, located just a hundred meters from the banks of the breath-taking Weerawila lake. It is among a well-planned man-made forest which includes a variety of trees, fruits and hardwood and a little lake near the splendid Weerawila Lake.Spanning four and a half acres of jungle close to endless miles of Lake, Lavish Eco Jungle Resort is a favorite place for the many wildlife enthusiasts who find its rugged atmosphere ideally suited to ease their jaded spirits. A former planter, Nandana Jayavardena and his wife Lakmali systematically planted a forest around their property many years ago and now their efforts are literally beginning to bear fruit.

Lavish Eco Jungle provides accommodation within a canopy of green that reduces the heat of day inside the circuit bungalow and cabanas. One of the bungalows is truly ‘green’. The circuit bungalow consists of 3 rooms which can accommodate up to eight persons, this includes two triple rooms and one double room, each with a spacious bathroom. A having room and a dining room including a verandah make up the rest of the bungalow, which rest assured is delightfully comfortable.

A large high roofed cabana in the corner of ‘jungle’ can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. The jungle is also a paradise for birds and a few wild animals which frequent the resort.

Guests are encouraged to try organic fruits and vegetables in their typically Southern preparations. Most of the vegetables and fruits are from their own organic gardens and this includes herbs and spices too

Also praiseworthy was the couple’s efforts to construct their main dining area without cutting down or damaging in any way the surrounding trees. A rare jungle tree in the middle of the restaurant is indeed a talking point.

The large garden also has campfire and barbecue facilities, dining by the Lake is possible with prior notice.

Apart from cuisine and nature excursions to Bundala, Yala, Palutupana Salterns, Kataragama Sital Pawwa and Uda Walawe the resort is also close to the newly built Ridiyagama safari zoo and bird research center also called bird island, there’s fishing  cycling and hiking for those who love the outdoors.

Sri Lanka, our little gem of an island has a lot to offer.