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Different! Mahindra Mojo

Different! Mahindra Mojo

MOJO (Definition) :  magical; a spell; influence; charisma; drawing attention.

Mahindra’s Mojo certainly has the character to possess these descriptions. We know, because we tested the Mojo on the road a few days ago. The Mahindra Mojo is the flagship of the motorcycle and scooter range imported, distributed and serviced by Sole Sri Lankan Distributors for Mahindra, Ideal 2Wheelers, a Division of Ideal Motors (Private) Limited.
A couple days after Mahindra’s Mojo visited us for our road test date, a neighbour (a senior priest, knowledgeable on two and four wheelers) made it a point to tell me that the bike was a “beautiful motorcycle”.  And he only had a passing glance at the Mojo when it was delivered for the test ride by the Mahindra team. My son, accustomed to motorcycles since infancy, now a professional designer, spoke highly of the appearance of the Mojo. He added, “Lovely beat from those two exhausts!” So, yes, the Mojo of the Mahindra motorcycle seems to be working, full-time.
The Mojo abounds with character. Non-conformist lines, form-follows-function styling, dynamic balance, the continuous presence of so much torque, smooth power delivery, the self-centeredness of the design concept, positive road presence, the strong feel of the machine promising many miles and much fun… And I could go on.
We are told by Sujeewa Amarasooriya, Senior Manager- Sales at Ideal Motors, that it is said that the Mojo technically and styling wise is almost a Ducati.  Amarasooriya says, “High-end vehicle lovers consider the Mojo highly for its features and performance.  In fact, the venue of the introduction of the Mojo to Sri Lanka -  the Nelum Pokuna  -  was carefully selected to reflect the premium position of the Mojo.”  He adds that the Mojo has received good response from those who understand and appreciate the special features and the quality of the bike.
The manufacturer of the Mojo  -  Mumbai based Mahindra and Mahindra Limited  -  is a world renown automotive maker, and Ideal 2Wheelers in Sri Lanka offer the 110cc Rockstar motorcycle and the popular scooters Gusto and 125cc Uzo.
In the short time the Mojo and I had together I enjoyed what the bike represented. And what I could do with it.  This is a motorcycle designed and built for the enthusiast rider, the rider who is likely to take his Mojo out for a lengthy tour or cruise out in the country, solo or with a mate aboard, or with other Mojo riders.  Yes, a Mojo tour group of riders for whom freedom, as possible only on a two-wheeler, is the purpose of life.
Mahindra’s Mojo is unapologetic about its weight (182 kg curb, 165 dry), its massive fuel tank said to be the largest for the class (21 liters), its high compression (11:1) and highly over-square engine (76mm bore 65mm stroke) both of the last which call for sensitivity in throttle and clutch play in the confines of the city.
Out in the open is where the Mojo likes to be.  With these above attributes, plus the 6 speed gearbox (which I found to be so sweet and smooth to operate), the long-leggedness, and voracious appetite for kilometers (provided they are looong!) your Mojo belongs where the road unwinds beneath your wheels in one continuous ribbon.  No intersections, please; no traffic lights, no pedestrian crossings and no pedestrians crossing. ‘Born for the Road’ states Mahindra Mojo literature and of course that is where your Mojo would revel. 
In the short time I had the Mojo I found it a desirable machine.  Even in the stop-start nature of Colombo city roads, staying north of 2000 on the tacho - the threshold for clean acceleration - becomes second nature. The Mojo has to be ridden differently from the run of the mill motorcycles; anything less and the engine would object.  Remember the over-square cylinder dimensions and high compression engine? Once you wake up to the fact that you are aboard the Mojo and you play with clutch and throttle and get beyond the 2000 mark you are rewarded by a powerful surge carrying you into a seemingly limitless zone where you and your Mojo exist in harmony, the world merely a passing blur. Felt good to be aboard a machine that rewards rider input.
The large section tyres (110mm front and 150mm rear), long travel suspension (143.5mm front and 143 mm rear), chassis geometry and appropriately padded saddle, combine to provide a comfortable ride isolated from road irregularities. The brakes are superb, both front and rear so much in sync, assuring the rider the required deceleration at the end of an exhilarating run.
The 320mm petalled disc up front could well be the largest for this engine capacity class and in our city run proved efficient with merely a light squeeze of the brake lever.  I found the brake lever a bit of a stretch, initially, but quickly became accustomed to it. A brake disc’s petals are supposed to afford clean and non-sticky operation, feel and feedback to the rider’s right hand, plus smooth release when the rider eases up on the pressure at the brake lever.   In all these aspects I found our test Mojo’s front disc on point.
A touring motorcycle needs heft; the weight of rider and travel bag/s can be top-heavy for a smaller lighter bike.  And consider the fact that oft times a pillion rider may join the ride.  Over distance a raised centre of gravity from a load of say 130-150 kg atop a single track vehicle could affect the fun factor, especially in hilly or windy conditions. The 182 kg curb weight of the Mojo could be a boon if one is often on tour. Often is the operative word, for if your Mojo is to be ridden in town more often, then I’d think the rider would benefit from a bit of weight-shed. Of the Mojo, that is. In such instance, the Go Factor could benefit, too, if the bike were a few kg lighter.  
Robust large diameter upside-down forks, tubeless tyres (Pirelli), reinforced brake hoses, maintenance-free battery, ‘limp-home’ mode (to get you home on limited revs in case of excessive coolant temperature), a roll-over sensor that cuts the ignition system in the instance your bike decides to take a lie-down (possible in adverse road conditions), island-wide after-sales service, are special points that go with you and your Mojo for peace of mind on your rides. The switches at both ends of the handlebar are back-lit; a nice touch especially for night explorations in poorly lit areas. 
The Mahindra Mojo is for covering distance and quickly. And without fuss.  Your Mojo will carry you comfortably and quickly from point A to B, especially if B is many kilometers from A. The character and build of the Mojo being such, I’m sure we will soon see the bike translated to café racer.  If anyone out there does change the Mojo’s clothing and its personality to café racer please do let me have an experience of the bike.
I may be politically insensitive in terms of gender equality in making this statement but I have to say that the Mojo from Mahindra is of macho character, macho build, and macho performance.  (If you want your performance in a surge, rather than in a rocket.) But, you know what  -  I’d love to see a wisp of a lady atop the Mojo, in full touring gear and riding the Mojo the way it was born to be ridden and out on the open road. Yes.

Liquid-cooled fuel-Injected 4-stroke single-cylinder DOHC
294.72 cc
76.0  x 65.0 mm   Bore x Stroke
11:1   Compression Ratio
Max Power   20 kW @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque  30 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Electric start

6 speed

Frame                  Twin Tube
Wheelbase          1465 mm
Wheels                 Alloy
Tyres                    Front   110/70 x 17 Tubeless
Rear                    150/60 x 17 Tubeless
Brakes                  Front   Disc, 320mm, hydraulic, radial caliper         Rear   Disc, 240mm, hydraulic
Suspension          Front  Telescopic USD  fork
Rear                     Gas charged Mono Shock

Length             2100   mm
Width               800   mm
Height             1165.5 mm
Weight            182    kg
Fuel tank         21    lit

COLOURS     Black    Red    Red-White (dual toned)      White    Yellow

Warranty       24 months / 32,000 kms (whichever first)

HOW MUCH   Rs 889,950/-