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Quattroportes and Twins

Quattroportes and Twins

This month we were privileged to get a sneak peek at the first Maserati Quattroporte imported to the country. As the car was imported for a special customer, we only had the opportunity to see and feel the car in the flesh, but not to drive it. But fear not! We will soon be doing a test drive as another Quattroporte is to land on our shores shortly. We are also happy to report that a Ghibli (or two) will be here shortly, and as always we will tell you what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the top end of the luxury sedan segment.


We were also privileged to test two new G30 BMW 5 series cars head to head – that is the 530e and the 530i. To put these two cars in perspective, I quote our Test Driver Ranjan… “when wondering what more BMW could do to improve the already best-selling F10 series, along comes this iteration looking gorgeous and tech-laden with a plethora of mind boggling features never before seen in a car in this segment”. That about says it all for the new 5 Series BMW’s; one of which is a plug-in Hybrid (530e) and the other (530i) is a 4 cylinder 16 Valve turbo charged petrol unit. At the end of the day, both cars are supposed to develop 250 BHP!


And if you are looking for a budget car with a zing, we have tested the Suzuki Celerio with the AMT (Automated Manual) transmission with some special body styling.


Talking about AMT’s, did you know that…


  1. AMT’s are not clutchless manuals. They have a clutch but no clutch pedal.

  2. Mechanically they are exactly the same as manual transmissions.

  3. The clutch and the gear change mechanisms in an AMT are controlled electronically.

  4. AMT’s are much more efficient in terms of power transmission and economy than traditional automatic gearboxes.

  5. Similar transmissions were used in race cars such as Ferrari as early as 1986.

  6. The AMT kit can be easily added to a manual transmission!


This month our Test Rider Dilip had ridden two bikes for you. Dilip describes the engine of the Demak Warrior 150 thus... “not many motorcycles engines are this keen to please, especially the engine of a sport bike as is the Warrior”.


Dilip goes on to describe the Hero Passion Pro “…has the enduring characteristic of solid ruggedness yet presented and delivered in soft terms, a family-friendly personality”.


So read on… and inside you will find many more exciting motoring adventures. Do let us know what you think.