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Sporty & Fun Aprilia SR150

Sporty & Fun Aprilia SR150

It is a motorcycle within a scooter body. It is a sport scooter.  Probably, it could be the creator of the Sport Scooter category.

Stylewise the Aprilia SR150 is like no other. You don’t need me to say it; just look at the pictures here.  Go on, gaze upon this one-of-a-kind Italo-Indian lady!

The sharp lean lines of the Aprilia instantly shout out the sporty nature of its design philosophy. It is rakish, its raptor beak pacing the streets, coming up on the unsuspecting lesser denizens of the roads.  The Aprilia is in constant predator mode.

The Aprilia SR150 is styled with twin pod headlights, the left side lamp is the mandatory AHO (Auto Headlight On) type lighting up the low beam with the engine starting up; the right side lamp is the high beam, and both lights flash when the pass switch is activated.

And, I could imagine the Aprilia rider doing much passing (overtaking) as the Aprilia delivers torque (acceleration) that could leave quite a few surprised motorcycle riders way behind in the traffic light sprints.  Interestingly for a sport bike, which you’d expect would produce peak torque and power at higher revs than most others of its ilk, the manufacturer’s published specifications show torque maxing out at a pretty low 5000 rpm.

With the Aprilia SR150 the published numbers are not the criteria, instead it is about the delivery of the torque and the brake-horses in actual operating situations.

On our ride the acceleration thrust seemed to me to come on tap in the mid- to upper rev range. There are huge amounts of acceleration in this region.  Low down, too, the torque is good, but if you want exhilaration open your Aprilia throttle wide - grab a fistful of mid and upper end torque and horsepower - you’ll blow all those cobwebs away

I’ve heard many riders say all they’ve got to do when they want to get in a happy mood is swing a leg over a bike and, voila, happiness is here.  A bike ride blows all of their concerns away.  The Aprilia SR150 does that and more   - it also blows other bikes away. 

The engine did not at any time during our ride sound stressed.  I put it down to a carefully worked out final drive ratio, combined with the taller (14”) wheels and tyres. The larger than usual diameter tyres (other scooters run on 10” or 12” wheels) and 120/70 size (fat for scooters, and fairly low-profile) could also contribute to the Aprilia SR150’s sporty street characteristics and indeed the handling of the bike when pushed for spirited riding.

The uncommon sized tyres had me question Prasad Dushmantha, Aprilia Brand Executive, about their availability.  Prasad tells us that these tyres are available in tyre shops around the country in addition to being in stock right here at the Sri Lankan Distributor for Aprilia, Colonial Motors Ceylon Limited. 

The performance of the SR150’s front brake is pretty impressive.  The twin-piston hydraulic front brake disc assembly installed on the SR150 speaks of the sport nature of the bike and, thus, the need for more braking power than often found on ‘lesser’ scooters. 

As you’d know from being a rider, the front is where the brake load is larger (many bikes are designed with front/rear 60/40 or thereabouts brake effect retardation system), and on the Aprilia the sporty rider could brake late and brake hard confident in the assurance that the front end would respond fully with its owner’s demands.

Suspension-wise, the Aprilia SR150 is supple, comfortable over distance.  In fact, one Aprilia SR150 enthusiast spoke of this bike as not only a city runabout but as being good for inter-city usage too.  This rider was basing his opinion on the bike’s suspension, the seat dimensions and comfort, the unstressed feel of the engine, the riding position, the fuel economy (it is said to do better than 40km/liter in real conditions), and the overall motorcycle-type stature of the bike.

To retain the identity of no-frills sporty motorcycling, the SR150 has a simple white-faced analogue twin-pod instrument cluster.  The smaller pod (on the left) houses the fuel gauge while the larger has the needle sweeping the dial up to an indicated 120 km/h.   

Aprilia has been in international motorcycle racing (MotoGP and other classes) for many years and has fielded a number of world champion riders.  Over the years Aprilia has put out sport motorcycles of the highest level in a variety of engine dimensions. This sport and racing DNA and the associated sophistication of design and engineering are obvious in the styling and mechanical design of the SR150.

The Aprilia SR150 is not just another sporty scooter.  Being Italian, it could be expected to be the owner of ‘class’, too.  In what is spoken of in Aprilia literature as ‘sporty dual-tone art-leather’ the saddle upholstery is black with red  -  an attractive colour scheme  -  and double-stitched for that touch of class. 

If you are looking for a scooter with a motorcycle attitude, a scooter that can hold its own among full blown motorcycles in daily riding, a scooter that could take you not only to your work-place or on grocery outings, but a scooter that spells Sport and spells Fun, then you are looking at the bike for you.




Three names that have been in the motorized industry for long enough to be instantly recognized and hugely respected.

The Aprilia SR150 scooter is manufactured in Maharashtra, India, by the Piaggio Company of Italy at their own manufacturing plant, and is based on the design concept and styling philosophy from parent Piaggio in Italy.

The Aprilia’s sisters are illustrious names in motorcycling :  Derbi, Gilera, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio, and Vespa.

Colonial Motors PLC is the local Sole Distributor for Aprilia scooters.  Prasad Dushmantha, Brand Executive :  “Our Head Office in Peliyagoda and our showrooms at Union Place (Colombo) and Dealerships in Anuradhapura, Galle, Jaffna, Jaela, Mannar and other select towns stock the Aprilia range of scooters.”

We are told that Colonial Motors has financing and leasing arrangements with a number of financing/leasing organizations for the convenience of riding home your Aprilia scooter.  

The SR150, made in India as it is, conforms to the strict Bharat Stage IV (BSIV) Exhaust Emissions regulations (approximately Euro 3 standard).

Prasad Dushmantha underlines the fact that the Aprilia receives 5 labour-free services within the warranty period.

The Aprilia SR150 is joined by sibling SR150 Race, and both scooters are available in the Aprilia Dealer network around the country.




Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder SOHC 3 valve

154.8 cc


58 x 58.6 mm   Bore x Stroke

9.0:1  Compression Ratio

Electric / Kick



12 Volt






Type                      Single cradle

Wheelbase            1365 mm

Tyres  Front        120/70   x  14  Tubeless

Rear                   120/70  x  14   Tubeless

Brakes  Front     Disc, 220mm, hydraulic

Twin piston

Rear                    Drum 140mm



Front   Telescopic fork

Rear    Single shock absorber                                      



Length                    1985 mm

Width                      703 mm

Height                     1166 mm

Ground clearance   155 mm

Weight                      122 kg

Fuel tank                  6.6 liters



Max Power        7.4 kW  (10.06 BHP) @ 6750 rpm

Max Torque      10.9 Nm  @  5000 rpm

COLOURS        Black    White



Warranty    2 years / 24,000 kms

HOW MUCH   Rs 332,000.-