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Revelation! Suzuki Intruder 155

Revelation! Suzuki Intruder 155

Suzuki’s Intruder 155cc is at first glance a bike that you might think would be out of place on our roads, not least because of the uncommon appearance and the cruiser concept of the bike. Just spend a few minutes aboard the Intruder and it gets into your blood stream in a totally pleasant, lovable way.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited has conceived and built a motorcycle that could well collect an enthusiastic following and I would not be surprised to see groups of motorcyclists cruising around our countryside with the Intruder playing hero. In the words of Suzuki India, the Intruder is the ‘Modern Cruiser’.  Announcing the launch of the Intruder, the manufacturer said that the bike will further establish Suzuki in the sporty segment. Suzuki’s Intruder 155 comes from that confident belief. The bold move to introduce an uncommon concept to the motorcyclists of this region seems to be well placed.

The Intruder is at once, sporty and relaxed.  The overall dimensions, the frame geometry and the rider ergonomics firmly in place. Features are aplenty.  ABS (Anti-lock Brake System, which helps avoid wheel lock-up in an emergency situation or in inclement road conditions), indicators for low fuel level, low oil level, and low battery level, all digital instrumentation showing engine speed (tacho), road speed, gear position, and all information needed by the rider for safe and progressive riding. 

Additionally, you could pre-set the rev limit indicator to suit your type of riding, from 4000 revs all the way up to 9500 rpm, in steps of 500 rpm.  The rev limiter light indicator on the instrument console blinks/glows when the engine is near/at the pre-set rev limit.

Today’s Suzuki Intruder 155 comes from the larger capacity Suzuki Intruder lineage that was popular in the USA from 1985 to 2005. Renamed Boulevard, the Intruder continues its popular way to-date on the long rides within the United States.  The Intruder, and successor Boulevard, are cruiser motorcycles. The family comprises of a diverse range of models :  From 125cc up the range to 1800cc, from 13 bhp to 55 bhp, from air cooled to liquid-cooled, from single to V-twin, from chain drive (as in this instance) to shaft drive, the commonality being the Suzuki creativity and a robust 4-stroke OHC heart. Cruiser motorcycles are present all over the globe and now the Sri Lankan rider too is given his/her own cruiser - the Suzuki Intruder 155.

Following up on the popular sport bike Suzuki Gixxer, the Intruder is another high-quality well-performing youthful offering from Suzuki India, and could well bring in a number of new riders from the next generation into the Suzuki fold.  The Intruder 155 has the characteristics and the fun factor that could make it the possible start up model on the road to larger cruisers in the future.

For styling and appearance of the Intruder 155 let the pictures here do the talking. The engine - same as that on the sibling sportbike Gixxer series (including BS-IV conformity) fires up and, speaking softly, projects the unmistakable message of quality,  strength and refinement.  A great start!

I originally had questions as to how the cruiser concept, with its extended steering geometry and high, forward feet position, would perform on city roads, and the Intruder performed amazingly well.  I was pleasantly surprised so, within the first metres of starting off on our ride. The Intruder had something more for me  -  impressive dynamic balance, smooth gear changing, smooth throttle response (thanks, Fuel Injection), such stability that made me smile (I guess the tyre sizes and the cushioning from the enclosed air columns had something to do with it and obviously the frame geometry).  I had also wondered if the Intruder would feel comfortable in traffic and closer turns - here, too, the Intruder surprised me so pleasantly with absolute love for traffic and those same turns.

The cruiser riding position is where the rider sits lower than is common, the higher-than-usual and way forward feet position, the handlebar slightly higher, too, all of these gave rise to my initial questions on handling and riding enjoyment in city traffic.  On the move, though, the Intruder just took me into its bosom, made me feel so comfortable, and offered me a great ride experience.

The instrument console is comprehensive and easy to read. At a comfortable 3000 revs in top gear (5th) you and your intruder are cruising along at 43kmph. On city roads that is pretty much OK especially since the vast amount of low end torque takes you so smoothly through the gears and so rapidly, in a satisfying surge, up to your cruising speed. This comes courtesy the highly over-square motor (56.0 x 62.9 mm) and resultant flexible and friendly nature of the bike. Even though the Intruder carries a powerful grunt, at no time did I feel the power and torque tempt me to ride it irresponsibly.  Instead the Intruder wants you to behave like a Mahathmaya in public, not a speed freak. You can feel this tasteful, dignified character about the bike.

The Intruder has a true cruiser saddle and the rider sits comfortably in the well of its plush, appropriately curved profile. From here the rider guides the bike through its daily maneuvers comfortably, smoothly and calmly.  Red stitching of the saddle upholstery indicates an up-market concept, a thread that continues throughout the bike’s very being, such as the 3D emblem which clearly states the name ‘Intruder’. The throttle and all controls enjoyed this up-market plush feel with even the two disc brakes so enjoyably in sync.  The cruiser saddle height means the average height rider could easily place your feet squarely on the road at traffic lights and similar places. 

Initially, to get your feet back aboard the forward mounted footrests requires brains in your feet to remember their places up front then, with repetition, muscle memory takes over and your feet simply head for their positions. Suzuki Motors Lanka Limited offer both the Fuel Injected and Carburetted versions, our test ride being the FI.  I’m told the carb version is close to the FI in performance. The front wheel ABS feature comes standard on both versions, as also disc braking front and rear. 

The engine enjoys the Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) technology which reduces internal mechanical losses, and pays close attention to detail in design and production of internal components, the result offering a broad low-end torque band and strong acceleration from mid-range power.  The claimed fuel efficiency figure for the Intruder is 44 km/l, but I’ve also heard of some riders getting around 50 km/liter.

The Suzuki Intruder 155 is a quality machine; in fact after just a few minutes together the Intruder feels less like a machine and more like a friend.  Suzy’s Intruder 155 intrudes into your motorcycling experience softly and pleasantly and personably.


Suzuki Two Wheelers in Sri Lanka

Suzuki Motors Lanka Limited executives Dilan Bandara and S.P. Jude and team assisted us in the get-together with Suzuki’s Intruder 155.   Suzuki motorcycles and scooters are distributed island-wide by Suzuki Motors Lanka Limited, a subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC the exclusive Agent and Distributor for Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. We are told by S. P. Jude that the Intruder conforms to BS-IV rating and has a catalytic converter to ensure clean combustion. The headlight is always in light up mode (AHO) according to current Indian safety regulations. 

The Intruder 155 was launched in Sri Lanka in March of this year and has enjoyed good response, we are told by S. P. Jude, who underlines that the Gixxer engine powers the Intruder, “A sport engine on a cruiser motorcycle is special. The Intruder is available through our island-wide Dealer network which also will service the bike. The Suzuki line-up in Sri Lanka comprises of the four versions of the popular Gixxer series, two scooters the 110cc Let’s and the 125cc Access, and of course the Intruder 155.”

Suzuki has a sporting DNA having won countless motorcycle races at the highest international level with world champions like Englishman Barry Sheene and American Kevin Schwantz aboard their Grand Prix machinery, since the company’s first international victory - the Isle of Man in 1962. The highly popular Gixxer Cup Series run annually is a nursery for future Grand Prix stars and in the years of its running has produced a number of young riders of international professional potential.




Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder SOHC

Fuel Injected and Carburetted versions available

154.9 cc

56.0  x 62.9 mm   Bore x Stroke

9.8:1   Compression Ratio

Max Power   14.8 PS @ 8000 rpm

Max Torque  14 Nm  @ 6000 rpm

Electric start



5 speed



Wheelbase    1405 mm

Wheels          Alloy

Tyres           Front   100/80  x  17 Tubeless

                      Rear    140/60  x 17 Tubeless

Brakes         Front   Disc, hydraulic, with ABS        

                      Rear    Disc, hydraulic

Suspension   Front  Telescopic

                      Rear   Swing arm and coil over



Length            2130  mm

Width               805  mm

Height            1095  mm

Ground clearance  170 mm

Weight          149 kg (Fuel Injected)   148 kg (Carburetted)

Fuel tank           11    lit


COLOURS     Black   



Warranty       24 months / 24,000 kms (whichever first)


HOW MUCH    Fuel Injection version  :   Rs 474,900/-

                           Carburettor version      :   Rs 449,900/-