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Your Own Motocrosser Honda CRF250L

Your Own Motocrosser Honda CRF250L

Say Hello to a special motorcycle from Honda, one that would satisfy the adrenaline buzz in the road-rider lover of trail-riding and equally the needs of a budding motocross race rider. The Honda CRF-L is designed for ease of handling and maintenance, and outstanding performance capability in gravel, mud and road, with long-travel suspension, tough-construction frame, and ideal seat height.

These attributes make the CRF-L the perfect motorcycle for dependable and fast riding out in the boondocks, whether you are on an official mission or on a personal fun weekend with riding mates. The Sri Lanka Police Department has selected the Honda CRF250L as the appropriate go-anywhere type of motorcycle for mixed on- off road usage. You, dear rider friend, are in good company.

The CRF series of Honda dual-sport motorcycles is a long and successful one.  The CRF came into being back in the year ‘dot’ (2000) and has enjoyed tremendous success and popularity everywhere two wheels go. The CRF250L has a liquid-cooled quarter-litre single-cylinder engine with the sophistication and technology that is Honda.  The 4 valves are driven by the Double OverHead Cam (DOHC) and the over-square cylinder dimensions (76.0mm bore vs 55.0mm stroke), suitably high (10.7:1) compression ratio and carefully designed fuel injection system and inlet/exhaust system, offer a wide, flexible power band for any rider and application. 

Extremely generous ground clearance (255mm) and strong sump guard will keep you, your friends, and your CRFs out of trouble as you ride the rock and log strewn floors of wooded areas or in deep sand or mud conditions. The knobbies (knobbed, as distinct from grooved/treaded or slick, tyres) that come standard on the CRF-L simply plead to you to turn your machine off the road and into the dirt.  And to have yourself an instant BLAST.  

The Honda CRF-L comes standard with not one but two three-way catalytic converters in the exhaust system to ensure green exhaust in the clean, fresh air of the mountains and off-road areas.  Honda is unwavering in its Blue-Sky philosophy. To leave Blue-Skies for the next generation is a prime focus within Honda’s environmental initiative.

If you have intentions of going motocross racing, you would know that Sri Lanka has a long history of motocrossing since the late 1980, and going stronger today. Honda is well represented at these motocross/supercross race meetings by the Honda CRFs, intrinsically the same as your CRF-L.  For instance, the official Stafford Motors powered Team Honda riders  -  Gayan Sandaruwan, Shanuka Sandaruwan, Imal Manchanyake  -  are totally CRF mounted. 

Team Honda is led by Gayan Sandaruwan, nine-time National Motocross Champion, every championship aboard Honda CRF machinery. Who would know CRFs better than Gayan Sandaruwan, and so he is our guest in our discussion on the Honda CRF250L, the very same bike you could yourself one day be riding, either in motocross races or on an exhilarating holiday off-road. Thank you, Gayan.

“Honda’s CRF250L is ideal for those who like to have the racing feeling on the road.  A rider can get racing sensations on the CRF-L even on the road because the bike is designed like the thoroughbred CRF-R that we run in actual racing,” says Gayan. “The CRF-L is a superb trail bike as it suits any kind of terrain, has lots of power and torque and, thanks to its fuel injection, produces smooth and instant throttle response. The suspension is soft, so you can ride long distances, whether on the road or in the dirt, without getting tired.”  Great for all day fun on two wheels, for sure.

And the CRF-L is adaptable, he points out.”The suspension is adjustable on both, the upside-down fork and the rear unit, so the rider can select the settings he wants according to riding conditions and personal preferences.” The racing features as found on Honda’s racing off-road bike, the CRF-R series, make the CRF-L eminently suitable for entry level riders into motocross and super motard events.

“For a novice racer this is a great bike as it feels like the thoroughbred version and is easy to ride and get the most of the available power and torque,” says Gayan. “The engine revs up easily, quickly and smoothly which is what you need when in the loose or in mud conditions.   You can bring up the revs and power yourself out through such conditions. You have full control of the situation with this easy-revving engine characteristic. In any track conditions the CRF-L handling is excellent, the smooth, powerful and easy to rev engine and the suspension that is easily adjustable according to the track requirements ensure great handling and winning performance in competition.”

Fully digital instrumentation clearly displays all the information the rider needs to have on the move.  The rev-counter (tachometer) shows over 12 thousand revs. Nice revs, indeed.

Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Limited has been the launching pad and the support for many race riders who have made it to the top in local motorcycling competition.  Understanding the local market requirements, Staffords has selected this special CRF model.  Spare parts are got through Honda Dealers, and technicians have been trained to service your CRF-L at the Honda main service outlet and at Dealer touch points around the island.

For all its race-like sophistication and advanced features, this top-flight dual-sport bike is amazingly simple in controls location and operation, as Gayan Sandaruwan points out.  “The riding position is comfortable and seat, footpegs, and handlebars are well positioned and easy to handle, and I found the on-off road CRF-L giving me the riding feel I get from my race bike. To begin with, the bike looks like the racing bike, even the graphics being quite similar to the 2018 CRF-R.  The bike has the same sharp styling and appears like a thoroughbred.” 

The fuel injection system on the CRF-L is electronically self-programmable and Gayan reminds us :  “You know how so many bikes are difficult to start when in a different environment.  For example, if you take a bike that has been set up for low-altitude-riding to a high-altitude area the bike may not fire up easily. Also, conditions are different in dry and wet weather. If it is a racing bike it may not deliver its full power. Then the bike has to be re-tuned.” 

He adds, “This could happen on road bikes, also. However, with the CRF-L fuel injection system you don’t need to re-tune your bike.  The multiple sensors of the advanced system on the CRF-L will read the airflow and petrol flow and auto program the system according to air pressure and temperature. This is an advantage for the road user as it makes it easy to ride the Honda CRF-L anywhere without the need for special tuning according to location or weather conditions.”

The ‘PGM FI’ lettering in the specs list refers to this feature that Gayan talks about  -  Honda’s high-tech ‘Programmable Fuel Injection’ feature.

For those motorcycling enthusiasts who‘ve been on the lookout for wheels that would take them equally happily in urban traffic and instantly out into the rough stuff, Honda’s CRF250L is the answer to your prayers.




Liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder DOHC 4 valve

249.6 cc

Fuel injection (PGM  FI)

76.0 x 55.0 mm  Bore x Stroke

10.7:1  Compression Ratio

Electric / Kick



12 Volt     Maintenance Free Battery



6 speed


Wheelbase                     1445 mm

Tyres      Front                3.00  x  21

Rear                               120/80  x  18

Brakes   Front    Disc,     256 mm, twin-piston caliper

Rear    Disc,                    220 mm



Front   43mm inverted telescopic fork

Rear    Single Shock Prolink type



Length                      2195 mm

Width                        815 mm

Height                       1195 mm

Saddle height            870 mm

Ground clearance      255 mm

Weight                        144 kg

Fuel tank                    7.8 liters



Warranty    2 years / 30,000 kms

HOW MUCH   Rs 1,299,900/=