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History of Motor Magazine

History of Motor Magazine

The Motor magazine was first published in May 1995. At the time it was known as the Motor & Trading Post, and as its name suggested, was conceived as a Trading Magazine for Motor Vehicles. In fact the pay-off line of the magazine at the time was “The fortnightly magazine for Buyers, Sellers and Enthusiasts of Motor Vehicles”. It was the first publication (there was no internet at the time) in Sri Lanka at the time to have a listing of vehicles for sale with their photos. The first Issue of the magazine also had coverage of local Motor Sports events and snippets of local motoring news.

Almost from “day one” though, there were requests from readers to have more reading content in the magazine. Hence by mid 1996 the magazine had changed from a mostly Motor Trading magazine to a magazine with Test Drives of new cars, Comprehensive Motor Sports coverage, Technical features, Motor Cycle reviews and more.

Today, the Motor magazine is no longer confined to being a printed magazine. It has a parallel digital version of the magazine, as well as a significant on-line presence in the form of the website, Facebook and Youtube. It has become the voice of the motor industry in Sri Lanka.

While we at Motor celebrate motoring in all its forms, we also promote responsible road usage through our own 3C’s;

Compliance with the Motor Traffic Act

Courtesy towards other road users

Common sense

This is reflected in the current pay-off line of Motor: