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King of the Crossover Hill The Subaru XV may look like an oddity, but in the burgeoning crossover market, it may just make sense….

The Subaru XV is the latest entry to enter the growing market segment of affordable crossovers. This segment is all the rage now in Sri Lanka, with competing models from Honda, Ford, Nissan and even BMW. The Subaru is somewhat a left field entry, being an automaker who never really was in the busine ...

The Boss Has Arrived  Mercedes’ flagship has always been full of technology, but this one is on a whole new plane

Just late last year in Johannesburg, South Africa, a hired mercenary fitted two machine guns concealed beneath the rear number plate of a VW Golf,iIn a feat emulating a bond movie and attempted to assassinate a Czech gang lord, who was riding in his Mercedes S-Class, and trailing his Golf. But the s ...

Ripe for the picking Chery Tiggo
Ripe for the picking Chery Tiggo

Car manufacturing is one significant industry that the Chinese still haven’t quite got the hang of. Although they try their absolute hardest with an uncountable number of brands and companies and literally hundreds of different models their products thus far have all been somewhat short of goo ...

Ford Kuga 1.6 Ecoboost A 1.6 Litre engine powering an SUV? What sorcery is this?

Ford’s recent opening of their new Showroom in Battaramulla brought with it a host of new models, including the announcement that the 2015 Ford Mustang will be officially imported to our shores. But, perhaps at the other end of the scale, we have Ford’s latest offering in our market; the ...

Shifeng E-Car The Chinese electric revolution is coming!

Riding on the latest trend in automotive technology, all electric vehicles or EV’s as they are known, are trickling into the mainstream markets around the world. Electric cars have been around for many decades, and several major manufacturers had made halfhearted attempts at introducing a mass ...