Dyan Seneviratne

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As a kid, Dyan had a sizeable collection of Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox model cars. His elder brother SK [Sene] Seneviratne with his winning exploits at the Monsoon Reliability Trials in the mid 1960s fascinated Dyan. Subsequently, he was an eager participant at both Mahagastotte & Radella Hill Climbs in the late 80s and early 90s. He was a commentator at motor racing events at Katukurunda & Pannala. Dyan has been a regular columnist for MOTOR magazine with his ‘Snippets’ for 18 long years – even doing monthly Test Drives and follow up reports apart from interviewing motor enthusiasts. He is a tea plantation management specialist by profession, involved in the Tea Industry for more than five decades.

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Japanese car maker Subaru has developed a spellbinding innovation: the Driver Monitoring System [DMS] that virtually looks over your shoulder like a pesky Big Brother! This DMS uses a camera and infrared LED discretely mounted on top of the central information display, yes, watching your eyes and h...


Unlit Pedestrian Crossings

They are mushrooming here, there and everywhere; earlier if it was confined to inter-sections, a.k.a. junctions, now ‘Traffic Lights’ are installed at every conceivable location, mostly at pedestrian crossings who still mostly don’t care a damn if the ‘Crossing-Man’ is RED or GREEN or in b...