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Gishanka is a true petrolhead to the heart (and head of course) with a special fondness for Italian cars. He is well-known for vigorously driving his Alfa Romeo Alfasud ti Series 3 QV on a twisty road, or wringing every turbocharged horse out of his Abarth 500c in the city. Being a six-plus-footer, he decides that a Honda S660 kei car would be a lovely addition to his garage. He's one of the longest contributors and loyal testers, writers and supporters of Motor as well. His day job is Director at Design Group Five (DG5), a multidisciplinary design firm.

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The Pretty little Old School Hooligan

To the collective groan of octane blooded enthusiasts, the sports car is dying around the world and across all categories. None more so than the small convertible/roadster sports cars sector. According #carindustryanalysis on, even the world’s best-selling sports car, the Mazda Miata/MX...


2019 Honda N-Box Custom

(SEPTEMBER 2019) The eponymous Kei car. I initially didn’t see the appeal of these tiny, boxy cars. They’re a size and power restricted category in Japan (Max dimensions of length (3.4m), width (1.48m) and height (2m). Engine size is also limited to a diminutive of 660cc and 63 horses). They’r...


Hot Hatch Legends

JUNE 2021: This drive has been a long time coming and one of the most anticipated test drives of recent times for me. The chance to drive two hot hatch legends from my youth and one of which started a life-long passion for hot hatches in me. There have been some lovely hot hatches before and after...