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Ranjan is a garment industry pro of four decades with a penchant for everything motoring Ranjan has been an enthusiast par excellence and have owned, almost 75 varied cars to date, most notably circa 35 BMWs, which reflects his deutschephile inclinations. He has tested over 120 new cars and contributed articles to many magazines, newspapers and journals both locally and internationally. He regularly participates at motoring events, and overseas motor shows and have taken part in many driving events, sponsored by car franchisees, including at the Sepang F1 circuit.

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Maserati GranTurismo

I happened to chance upon a list of the top five things one needs to do in the world before one dies (there are many such varying lists) and I was fascinated to note that I have managed three already and a fourth was in the pipeline, alas to be rudely interrupted by the Covid imposed travel bans. On...


2019 Mitsubishi eK Wagon

(AUGUST 2019) Here I am testing out a Lilliputian Kei car from Gullivers stables of Monteros, Eclipse Crosses and Xpanders at United Motors in the form of the Mitsubishi eK wagon. Kei cars are all the rage in Sri Lanka after the customs duties were based on engine capacity and hence diminutive engin...