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Ryan has been a car enthusiast since birth (is there any other way?), working as a Stockbroker. Early influences with regard to motoring were family, tv shows, model cars and of course, Motor Magazine. Fast forward two and a half decades and he says he's privileged to be writing the reviews he used to wait for a trip to the local book store to pick up an issue and read. Ryan picks handling and feel over brute force any day.

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2018 Bentley Flying Spur V8S

(JANUARY 2019) Luxury is relative - this is true of most things and is not limited to automobiles. It is the world of automobiles however that brings out this relativity, arguably better than any other. A user of an 800cc Indian car might call a Toyota Premio a “luxury car” while the owner of a ...


2019 Isuzu D-Max

(SEPTEMBER 2019) Fun fact – googling “Isuzu” brings up the following suggestions; lorry, Gemini, Tipper, Trooper and Fargo. Even those not mechanically inclined whatsoever can probably tell you that the name Isuzu is synonymous with the words heavy duty and workhorse. A great many have been fe...


2019 Volkswagen Polo 1.0TSI

(JUNE 2019) The Volkswagen Polo has long lived in the shadow of the highly praised Golf since it hit the market in 1975 as the smallest car in the Volkswagen range. The first generation was in fact a rebadged version of the Audi 50. Seen as the cheaper, smaller, less well-appointed alternative, the ...

Past Blast

Mercedes-Benz W123 200d

Among car enthusiasts in Sri Lanka and most parts of the world, the ascending numbers 1-2-3 bring to mind images of a no nonsense yet well appointed, carved-from-granite-solid car that screams 70s and 80s. The outline of its side profile looks almost as simplistic as a child’s drawing of a motor c...