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Despite the fierce sounding name of Warrior, there is nought fearsome about this member of the Demak family.  Instead Demak’s Warrior 150 is such a sweet behaving bike that you’d soon want her in your stable. Just take the fierce sounding ‘Warrior’ out on the road and experience her gentler ways.


As low as 2 thousand revs  -  just a little above tickover (1500 revs)  -   the Warrior will smoothly and comfortably potter along at a so slow 30kmph in top gear, single up and on the level. This is often scooter zone; not many motorcycles engines are this keen to please, especially the engine of a sport bike as is the Warrior.


At 3 thou you are cruising at an easy un-rushed 40 kmph, and at 4 thousand on the tacho you are flirting with 60 kmph on the road. 

All the while you are wondering at the amazing tractability of the Demak 150cc motor. The ever willing engine is telling you it has more flexibility lower down the rev range if you want, or it has more horsepower and torque higher up the rev range if such is your desire.  Higher up the rev range is where you would begin to experience her fierceness, the weapons of the Warrior.

For information and interest:  The Warrior’s tachometer is calibrated up to a daunting 12,500 rpm!


Going into the manufacturer’s tech specifications of this engine, this single cylinder has a bore (diameter) of 60.0mm with piston movement of 49.5mm each stroke.  These are heavily oversquare proportions and one would, on paper specs, consider this in serious sport bike territory.  With such heavily oversquare numbers an engine is usually peaky, the words flexible and tractable not anywhere near its mechanical language. Amazing, all the more then, the level of flexibility incorporated into this motor by the Demak engine designers. This engine, in common with the motors of the bigger Demak siblings, the Dart and Skyline GT, is dual-cooled, both air and oil cooling keeping the engine within comfortable operating temperatures.


That the Warrior is a sport bike is for sure.  But Demak has designed a commuter angle into it, in creating the Demak Warrior 150; what I would term, a sport-commuter. Let’s look at the ‘sport’:  chiseled, yet flowing, styling; macho dimensions; aggressive headlamp and bike face; upside down front suspension unit; the large diameter, heavily cross-drilled petalled front disc brake; severely stepped saddle; vast air-space between rear mudguard and tyre; the stylishly styled cast allow wheels; skyward pointing rear bodywork ending in a small (relatively) tail light; large dimensioned silencer unit with distinctive beat; sport style chain-case.

The ‘commuter’ :   the sweetly flexible motor instantly comes to mind; the more upright riding stance; the ‘normal for commuter’ hand and foot controls juxtaposition; the ease of riding; and yes, also, the ease of putting the Warrior up on to the centre-stand.  

Breaking down the ‘sport’ construction of the Warrior :   USD (up-side down) forks are generally fitted onto bikes with plenty of horsepower and road speed, the larger diameter fork legs in the upper region providing added stiffness to the frame for better handling under braking and cornering conditions. Cross-drilled and petalled front disc brake, again for powerful and fast bikes, ensures top retardation efficiency under hard braking.  Large silencer and loud beat are for generous dimensioned catalytic converter, for a distinctive song, and aesthetics.

The Warrior is equipped with an ana-digi meter console.  The needle in the circular analogue rev counter reflects your playfulness on the throttle.  The linear digital meter displays the mundane such as road speed, distance travelled, gear position, neutral, turn indicators and high beam. In a digital window within the circular rev counter is the fuel guage. I like the presence of the ‘flame out switch’ (as worded in the manufacturer’s Owner Manual for the Warrior) aka ‘kill switch’.  A sport bike needs this red switch as part of its sporty credentials. In fact, I like the usefulness of this switch on any bike -  a simple flick of the thumb kills the engine at the end of a ride, or during testing some item on the bike.


The ignition switch is on-off only, unlike the standard switch nowadays which incorporates the steering lock, too.  On the Warrior, though, the steering has a separate lock, evocative of bikes of the 1950’s through to the early 80’s on most bikes here, being on the steering-head stock assembly.  Older riders will remember how they leaned over the fuel tank and inserted the key to unlock the steering mechanism.


Back to the road conduct of the Warrior.  Throttle and brakes are gentle, and the gear lever easily slides into the selected slot.  Brakes front and rear are well mated and so gentle, the petals of the disc in front helping release the brake smoothly at the end of an application. The suspension is slightly bumpy and I found that this was in response to irregularities.  On clean asphalt, however, the Warrior rides smooth.  Obviously the hefty front forks and rear suspension unit are not kind to rough and irregular road surfaces. 

The rear is held up by a hefty mono-shock, side mounted (on the right side of the bike), steeply inclined and with the lower attach point directly on the swingarm upper tube.  This uncommon side-mount shock absorber unit caused a stir of interest when the Warrior was unveiled by Demak in Colombo, monoshock suspension units being usually centred longitudinally along the bike.

The Warrior 150 is a well-rounded bike and a tasteful addition to the Demak range of two-wheeled offerings to the riders of our country.


The Demak Warrior 150 is a bike Granny could safely and comfortably take out to her next girls’ evening out.  And when your Grandad gets his hands on the Warrior, he could-  using the upper rev range of the eager motor  -  emulate his favourite grand prix race rider.  And when your Demak Warrior comes back to you and you have it all to yourself, the best of both motorcycling worlds is all yours to own.






DEMAK Marketing Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, is the manufacturer of the range of scooters and motorcycles. Demak Manufacturing Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the importer and assembler of the Demak range, while Demak Sales & Services Lanka (Pvt) Limited handle the sales, marketing, and after-sales service of the growing population of Demak two wheelers in the country. Krishan Abeydeera a 15 year veteran of the local motorcycling industry is the Senior Business Development Manager at Demak Lanka and knows the range of bikes intimately.


 “The Demak Warrior is targeted at the executive type and those who like to have a reasonably powerful motorcycle and a stylish bike. The Warrior has a sports bike look, has the controls within comfortable reach and is an easy bike to ride.  Lots of people like these characteristics in their bikes.”


“This is the first time for a brand new bike in Sri Lanka to have a side mounted monoshock.  This is actually an Italian design principle and you would not normally see a side shock on a bike other than on high-end bikes from Italy.”

Demak has a bike for every purpose, one could say.  From scooters of 110cc and 125cc, to bikes suitable for farm and plantation work, more road bikes, to the 150cc and 200cc trail models also used on estates, the Warrior 150 of this test report, and the flagship Dart and Skyline 225cc bikes.




Air and Oil-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder

150 cc

62.0 x 49.5mm Bore x Stroke

9.6:1  Compression Ratio



5 speed



W/base             1350 mm

Tyres                 Front  100/80 x 17  Tubeless

                         Rear   130/70 x 17 Tubeless

 Brakes             Front   Disc, hydraulic

                         Rear    Drum



                         Front  Upside Down Telescopic

                         Rear   Mono-shock, side-mounted



Length            2020 mm

Width               750 mm

Height             1130 mm

Weigh             125 kg



Max Power      9 kW @ 8000 rpm

Max Torque     12 Nm @ 6500 rpm


COLOURS       Black      Red    



Warranty    2 years / 30,000 kms


HOW MUCH   Rs 294,900/-