Panel Discussion on the current fuel quality scenario

We talk to three experts and they provide a wealth of advice for the motoring public.

Sri Lanka is currently facing a fuel crisis, and in addition to long queues, there are also questions arising about the quality of fuel that is dispensed. We talk to three experts from the automotive engineering field in this timely and relevant panel discussion, and they provide a wealth of informa...

Published on 06 Jun 2022

Test Drive of the Toyota Alphard

Check out just how luxurious the passenger accomodation of the Toyota Alphard is!

(May 2019) The Toyota Alphard is one of those lesser-known luxury passenger carriers in Sri Lanka, although it is hugely popular in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Check out our video review of it in which we demonstrate the many creature comforts and features....

Published on 31 Mar 2022

Test Drive of the 2018 Audi A5

We check out Audi's A5 four-door fastback on Sri Lankan roads

(July 2018) Audi's A5 is for those who want something a bit sportier than an A4, but retains the four doors and practicality of a decent boot. Check out our video test drive of the car....

Published on 30 Mar 2022

Test Drive of the Jaguar I Pace

We check out this stealthy electric cat that silently slipped in

Jaguar's I Pace is the brand's first electric SUV, and when we heard that the agents had brought down one of these stealthy cats, we had to get behind the wheel. Check out our test drive video....

Published on 29 Mar 2022

Test Ride of the Luyuan Alfa duo

How do these two electric scooters stack up in the competitive two-wheeler space in Sri Lanka?

(March 2020) The Luyuan Alfa is a rare example of an electric scooter among a sea of petrol-powered, CVT-driven machines. Check out Dilip's comprehensive test ride report of these two eco-friendly machines....

Published on 27 Mar 2022

Chat with Yevan David - May 2021

Check out our chat with this young and rising Sri Lankan karting star, shortly after he had won a round at the Champions of the Future Karting Race in Belgium last year

Last year, Yevan David won Round 1 at the Champions of the Future karting race held in Belgium, and became the youngest Sri Lankan to win at an international-level karting event, at just 13 years of age. Shortly after his victory, we spoke to him via Zoom, which you can listen to here....

Published on 15 Mar 2022

Chat with Kelum Wijayawardhana

A young and dynamic individual involved in the automotive and healthcare industries

We sit down with Kelum Wijawardhana, Product Manager at Modicon Automotive, Managing Director at The Family Clinic, and Director at Limitless Productions for a chat over what drives him, how he became involved in multiple facets of the automotive industry, and why he holistically tunes cars as a hob...

Published on 08 Mar 2022