How Self-Driving Cars will Change the World

The automotive industry is not very happy with Millennials and Gen Z. It seems that in comparison to the Baby Boomers and Gen X, the latest up-and-coming generations are less car-crazed thus creating great difficulties and consternation for those that are making automobiles....

Published on 10 Nov 2023

How we tested new cars (while they were still able to be brought into the country) in just two hours!

New car testing is typically a matter of a day or two, elsewhere in the world. We sometimes have to squeeze it into two hours!

Wearing the tag of road tester, car tester, new car tester, car journo, auto hack, you name it, is one that is looked upon with admiration by many. It's a career path I took five and a half years ago, and haven't looked back since. When asked what I do for a living, simply stating the line "I get pa...

Published on 07 Jun 2022

How old is too old?

Tips on buying and using an older car

Buying an older car has been tempting for many in Sri Lanka, not because of anything else, but due to the skyrocketing prices when new cars were being imported; and now because of the ongoing ban on importation of cars. We’re not talking about vintage or classic cars here, but instead older vehicl...

Published on 15 Apr 2022

Controlling Green House Gas Emission from Transportation

A UK Case study

The purpose of this article is to showcase that the reduction of Green House Gas Emissions (GGEs) from transport can be drastically reduced through the implementation of a well thought out strategy, supported by multi-faceted policy intervention over time....

Published on 21 Mar 2022

What is driving Car Prices in Sri Lanka?

Reasons for the spiraling car prices analyzed

One cannot ignore the present drastic increase in vehicle prices in Sri Lanka. Here I aim to give some background to this in an attempt to help readers understand why vehicle prices have increased so drastically… and if this increase is likely to continue....

Published on 04 Mar 2022

Traffic Lights on Show!

Public Funds Spent on Traffic Lights - is it Justified?

Before the world gained access to widespread electricity, traffic lights and other roadside lighting like street lights were powered by gas and flame… And they had actually been around quite a bit before cars came into the picture. They started out as a means to provide signaling of railroad activ...

Published on 02 Mar 2022

Subaru's latest Driver Monitoring System

Yes, it tracks your eyes!

Japanese car maker Subaru has developed a spellbinding innovation: the Driver Monitoring System [DMS] that virtually looks over your shoulder like a pesky Big Brother! This DMS uses a camera and infrared LED discretely mounted on top of the central information display, yes, watching your eyes and h...

Published on 05 Feb 2022

What is driving Car Prices in Sri Lanka?

The Skyrocketing Used Car Prices

Whilst this column was aimed at a discussion of Sri Lanka’s passage to sustainable mobility, one cannot ignore the present drastic increase in vehicle prices. Here I aim to give some background to this in an attempt to help readers understand why vehicle prices have increased so drastically… and...

Published on 04 Feb 2022

Brothers in Racing

Jeffrey and Rodney Mason

Brothers Rodney and Jeffrey Mason hail from a motoring / motor racing family. Their father was the renowned Edward (Bugs) Mason. In fact Bugs is a nick-name given to the late Edward by the motor Sports fraternity - probably in the 1950’s. Many think that he was called Bugs because the “Bug Fiat...

Published on 25 Jan 2022

Fifty Years of Alfasud

Who knew in the Seventies that this little Italian would become such a global sensation!

This month (August 2021) we dedicate a major portion of our magazine to Alfa Romeo’s first front wheel drive car; the Alfasud; as the model celebrates 50 years of existence. I myself am the owner of one of four survivors in Sri Lanka – a fifth car is currently being restored....

Published on 31 Dec 2021