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In the shadow of Mt Kalundewa Kelundewa Retreat

In the shadow of Mt Kalundewa  Kelundewa  Retreat

Kelundewa is not known. In fact I was a trifle dubious about the retreat – that truly was a place of peace and quiet in every sense of the word.


The village of Kelundewa takes its name from the mysteriously beautiful Kelundewa Kanda, close to Dambulu gala from the west and the Kalundewa mountain range from the east - natures kind hand has been lavish indeed. The Dambulu Oya runs quietly by.


The Kelundewa retreat draws its beauty from the mystic mountain which seems to come alive with each mid-day sun. The reflecting rays of sunlight that fall on the front slopes of the mountain bounce off the terrain in countless angles as though its sole purpose is to bless. The villages believe that it is the face of god that looks down on them.


Kelundewa is home to four beautiful lakes which also support the rural farming community. Kalundewa Retreat is a working agricultural resort.


Lodging at Kelundewa Retreat is quite an experience too. The Kumbuk chalet, Bakmee chalet, Damunu suite, Ehela deluxe room, the Nika suite and the newest and most impressive - Nil Manel floating villa. The interiors are designed for comfort and also to give you a splendid view of all the beautiful natural settings. The main dining venue is the tree house restaurant beside the lake, which serves dishes utilizing produce from the retreats’ own organic herb and vegetable gardens. Over 150 varieties of plants thrive in a greenhouse which is for the use of guests who have the delightful option of picking their own blend of herbs which the chef will incorporate in their meals and Al fresco dining under the shade of a banyan tree or at night with stars for your canopy.


As one of the more favoured eco-friendly hotels in Sri Lanka, Kelundewa Retreat offers its guests a chance to get involved in the day to day harvest of fruit, herbs and vegetables. Kelundewa is also home to thousands of migratory birds and you could watch some wildlife too.


With the cave temple just five minutes away and with easy access to Polonnaruwa Anuradhapura Sigiriya and Kandy, this untouched corner of Sri Lanka will calm and enrich your mind.


Now’s the time to go if you have the ability to do so…