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Rotherham Katukurunda 2017

Sri Lanka Super Series Round 4 Katukurunda Rohitha Rajapaksha tops the SLGT class

The 2017 running of the Rotherham Katukurunda Circuit Meet took place on 14th and 15th of October at the Sri Lanka Air Force base in Katukurunda amidst a rain-filled weekend which saw the track thoroughly soaked; yet the faithful racers boxed on. The Drivers’ Trophy was clinched by Sajaad Zuhair who won the SL-GT event after a challenge from Ashan Silva, while the Riders Trophy went to Shoel Daniel who pipped Pramuka Sesath and Maduranga Caldera to this award.


The rain created an interesting challenge for competitors, and as can be seen from the pictures, was very exciting for drivers and spectators alike! Additionally, some events enjoyed longer running, such as the SL-GT and “Group GP over 250cc up to 1000cc” events being run for 22 laps, while other events were run between six and ten laps; while the SLAF Trophy event was run for four laps. Longer running makes for more interesting racing as well as drivers preparing their cars for better reliability than sheer power. Also the balance of the top runners can change at any moment.


Group ‘O’ – Motor Cycles Over 125cc up to 160cc 4T Mono Cylinder

1 Hansika Abesinghe, 2 Kuhan Chamod, 3 Nikila Pathirage

Group SM – Super Motard Motor Cycles Over - up to 250cc

1 Dushan Mudalige, 2 Kushan Danushka, 3 Sangeeth Suriyage

Group M – STD/MOD Motor Cycles Over 100cc up to 125cc

1Udana Perera, 2 Mohamed Hazen, 3 Kushan Chamoda

Group 'GP' Over 250cc up to 1000cc

1 Shoel Danial, 2 Pramuka Sesath, 3 Maduranga Caldera

Group SM – Super Motard Motor Cycles Including 250cc up to 750cc (4T) also Including 125cc

up to 500cc (2T)

1 Sangeeth Suriyage, 2 Udika Srimal Malavige, 3 Dushan Mudalige

Group M – STD/MOD Motor Cycles up to 250cc (4T)

1 Nipun Dilanka, 2 Madure Pieris, 3 Shoel Daniel

Group SL – E Mini Cars 1275cc

1 Chanaka Rathnayake, 2 Thiran Perera, 3 Nishath De Alwis

Group SL – S Specials Cars up to 1500cc

1 Zaakir Wahab, 2 Sajaad Zuhair, 3 Irshard Faham

Group SL – N Standard Cars – Ford Laser / Mazda 1300cc

1 Kushan Peiris, 2 Rajith Uluwita, 3 Shanal Gunawardane

Group SL – H Standard Cars Subaru Legacy 2200cc

1 Malinde Gunasekara, 2 Hashn, 3 Buddika Ruklantha

Group SL – E Standard Cars up to 1000cc (one make) Nissan March

1 Chamika Ranatunge, 2 Mamjula Wijesinghe, 3 Sapna Weerasekara

Group SL – GT Cars up to 3500cc

1 Sajaad Zuhair, 2 Ushan Perera, 3 Janaka Dias

Group SL – A Modified Cars Mini 7 1000cc

1 Namal Silva, 2 Surash Kuma

Group SL – A Modified Cars up tp and including 1050cc

1 Michael Wijesuroya, 2 Duminda Amarasiri, 3 Ajith Keerthy

McLarens Fomula Cars

1 Bryan Perera, 2 Kevin Perera, 3 Chandima Gunerathe

Group SL – N Standard Cars – Ford Laser / Mazda 1300cc

1 Shanal Gunawardane, 2 Rajith Uluwita, 3 Iduwera Senadeera

Group SL – H Standard Cars up tp 1618cc

1 Irshard Faham, 2 Sehara Jayawardana, 3 Kushan Peiris