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Ashan and Ishan reign supreme again at Foxhill

2018 marks the 26th year in which the iconic Foxhill Supercross was held, at the Diyatalawa track in the cool climes of the hill country.  Way back in 1992, local motor racing enthusiast Hans Ralf Karpinsky hit on the idea to have a Motorcross track at the Military Academy at the base of the Fox Hill. Following discussions with the then Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy Major Gen Gamini Gunasekera, the Foxhill track was born and hosted the first Foxhill Supercross in 1993. The 2-km track features a car track and a bike track, both of which are technical challenging and exhilarating to race on for drivers and riders.

2017 saw Ashan Silva and Ishan Dasanayaka reign supreme as the best Driver and Rider at what was the 25th running of the event, and 2018 sees them retain their respective crowns, with stunning drives and rides respectively. Ashan absolutely dominated the SL-GT category, winning with conviction in all three races.

In other categories, we saw Devin Serasinghe take a win in the Sl-E Cars Up to 1,000cc Nissan March category while father Upulwan Serasinghe won the Group SL-N 1300 cc Ford Laser/Mazda event and the Group SL - N - Ford Laser / Mazda 1500 cc category too. The hotly contested Group SL-A Mini 7 event was won by S. Lakmal Wijayarathna, with veteran K. Parameswaran in second place. Group SL - H  Cars upto 1618 cc was won by Kushan Pieris, while Buddhika Ruklantha won in the Group SL - H Subaru Legacy 2000CC (One Make) and Group T & J - Diesel Turbo up to 5500cc categories.

On two wheels, Imal Manchanayake took victory in the Group SM - Super Motard Including 250CC up to 750CC (4T) & Including 125CC up to 500CC (2T) Mono/ twin Cylinder category, while Evon Biyagee Gurusinghe who suffered a crash in 2017, secured a win in the Group M - STD/MOD MOTOR CYCLES OVER 175CC UPTO 250CC  (4T) & OVER 100CC UPTO 125CC (2T) M category.

Ken Wedisinghe, son of Ananda Wedisinghe secured a fifth place finish in the Group MX - OVER 175CC UPTO 250CC (4T) & OVER 100CC UPTO 125CC (2T) MX category. Ananda Wedisinghe had been a “Fastest Fox on Two Wheels” many a time in the 1990s and early 2000s. He last rode at Foxhill in 2017 before the accident at the Nuwara Eliya Road Race tragically cut his life short.

The “Fastest Fox” is the name given to the driver and rider who secure the fastest times of that year. Names include Shane Gunawardena (two wheels) and Omar Lebbe, Aravinda Premadasa and Dinesh Deheragoda (four wheels).






Group J - MX Motor Cycles (Junior) up to 50CC

Over 7 - Under 12 years

1 Rashmi Karunarathne

2 Hirusha Padukka

3 P H Pathum Reshmika

Group SL A  Mini 7 1000

1 S Lakmal Wijayarathna

2 K Paremasweran

3 W N S Tissera

Group SL - E  Cars   upto 1000 cc

Nissan March

1 Devin Serasinghe

2 Sapna Weerasekara

3 Dilupa Palliyaguru

Group SL-E - Mini 1275cc

1 Neel Weerasinghe

2 Saman Hemantha Kumara

3 Chanaha Jeewanth Methnayake

Group M STD/MOD Upto 125CC ( 2T)

1 Nihal Wijeratna

2 M N Perera

3 Kamil Sandeepa

Group J - MX Motor Cycles (Junior) up to 50CC

Over 7 - Under 10 years

1 H M Bimsara Amaranath

2 H.M.Dineth Mihiranga

3 N.I.Udanara

Group SM - Super Motard up to 750CC - Race 1

1 Imal S U Manchanayake

2 Deshan Solanki

3 Buddika Dinesh

Group SL - A Modified Cars up to 1050 cc

1 Michael Wijesuriya

2 Sithara Peiris

3 Duminda Amarasiri

Group SL-N Ford Laser/Mazda 1300 cc

1 Devin Serasinghe

2 Manura P Wanniatchi

3 Induwara Senadeera

Group SL-N 1300 cc Ford Laser/Mazda

Non Championship event

1 Upulwan Serasinghe

2 Tharuka Rathnayala

3 Imash Silva

Group J - MX Over 65CC upto 85CC (2T)

and up to 150cc (4T) - Under 15

1 Stephen Fernando

2 D M D Kalhara

3 Gagana Fernando

Group M - Std/Mod Motor Cycles Upto - Race 1

1 Lahiru Jeewantha

2 Shanuka Jayana Sanduruwan

3 Madura Pieris

Group SL - H Cars upto 1618 cc

1 Kushan Peiris

2 Zaakir Wahab

3 Randika Niroshan

Group SL - H Subaru Legacy 2000CC (One Make)

1 Buddika Ruklantha

2 R. Malinda

3 Shiran Dool

GROUP MX Racing Motorcross Bikes Upto 125CC

1 Buddika Silva

2 Sameera Premarathna

3 Lahiru Jeewantha

SL - GT Cars upto 3500 cc - Moto 1 & Moto 2

1 Ashan Silva

2 Kushan Peiris

3 Ushan Perera

Group MX Upto 250cc - Race 1

1 Buddika Silva

2 Sameera Premarathna

3 Ishan Dasanayaka

Group T & J Diesel Turbo up to 5500cc

1 Buddika Ruklantha

2 W. Priyantha

3 L W Manjula Wijesinghe

Group SL - N - Ford Laser / Mazda 1500 cc

1 Upulwan Serasinghe

2 Kushan Pieris

3 Anuradha Amarasinghe

Group M - Std/Mod Motor Cycles Upto 250cc - Race 2

1 Evon Biyagee Gurusinghe

2 Madura Pieris

3 Lahiru Jeewantha

Group SM Super Motard upto 750CC - Race 2

1 Deshan Solanki

2 Chaminda de Silva

3 R M Safras

SL - GT Cars upto 3500 cc - Grand Final

1 Ashan Silva

2 Ushan Perera

3 Aravinda Premadasa

Group MX Upto 250cc - Race 2

1 Ishan Dasanayaka

2 Evon Biyagee Gurusinghe

3 Gayan Sandaruwan