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1970 Ford Cortina 1600GT

Cars produced by Ford of Britain and Ford of America were like chalk and cheese – and still remain somewhat to this day. Whilst North American Fords tend to be larger, with beefier engines and less ...


1976 Toyota Publica

When Toyota introduced the Publica in 1960, I’m sure the Japanese automaker never thought that it would become a future classic, as well as restomod platform. The Publica was the Japanese giant’s ...

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Marsriva KP3 Smart Mini DC UPS

We’ve been living with power cuts for several months now. Whenever the power goes out, our lifeline to cyberspace is severely strangled as well. Mobile signals drop, and data transfer rates plummet....


Panel Discussion on the current fuel quality scenario

Sri Lanka is currently facing a fuel crisis, and in addition to long queues, there are also questions arising about the quality of fuel that is dispensed. We talk to three experts from the automotive ...


How we tested new cars (while they were still able to be brought into the country) in just two hours!

Wearing the tag of road tester, car tester, new car tester, car journo, auto hack, you name it, is one that is looked upon with admiration by many. It's a career path I took five and a half years ago,...


How old is too old?

Buying an older car has been tempting for many in Sri Lanka, not because of anything else, but due to the skyrocketing prices when new cars were being imported; and now because of the ongoing ban on i...

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