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3 Karting Venues Reviewed

Published on 25 Apr 2023

Starved for adrenaline pumping action in and around Colombo? We check out three of Colombo's leisure karting venues and tell you what's hot... so you can make plans with your friends to go and have some unforgettable fun.

Speedbay at Port City Colombo

Speedbay at Port City is the newest go-karting circuit in Colombo, owned and operated by the David Peiris Group. The facility was opened on November 4th, 2022 and has since been providing adrenaline-fueled entertainment to karting enthusiasts.

The location of the track is simply stunning. It is situated near the Port City Marina and offers an unobstructed view of the Colombo skyline, making it a perfect backdrop for a thrilling race. The sunset view from the track is breathtaking and creates a great atmosphere for racers and spectators alike. The track is also equipped with powerful floodlights, providing adequate illumination for night racing.

The circuit itself is 600m long with a variety of corners, including five right corners, two left corners, and a swooping chicane. It is similar to the bigger brother at Bandaragama, which is a lengthy 1.2km. The grid straight offers ample opportunity for drivers to achieve high speeds and experience the thrill of racing. With a standard kart, reaching 50kmph was easily achievable. The track also features adequate run-off areas, ensuring the safety of drivers at all times. The staff is well-trained and follows standard protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable racing experience for all.

Although the cost of a round of 10 laps is Rs 4,000, which may seem slightly expensive, it is understandable given the current inflation-heavy economy. Plus, the experience of racing on this stunning track is worth the price. The karts themselves are standard and well-maintained, and there is a large crew on hand to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

SpeedBay at Port City Colombo is open from 4 pm to 10 pm, Wednesday to Sunday, and on all public holidays. This provides ample opportunity for racing enthusiasts to experience the thrill of karting in Colombo. As mentioned earlier, the facility is owned and operated by the David Peiris Group, a well-known and respected company in Sri Lanka, ensuring that the highest standards of service and safety are maintained.

Overall, Speedbay at Port City is a fantastic addition to the go-karting scene in Colombo. The stunning location and well-maintained track, make for a thrilling racing experience. It's the perfect place to spend an evening with friends or family, enjoying the thrill of racing while taking in the beautiful views of the city.

SpeedBay at Port City Colombo

Track & Kart Dimensions

Track length           600 meters

Track Surface         Sealed

Track layout           Five right corners, two left corners, and a swooping Chicane

Kart specs              Petrol powered 4-stroke, single speed with centrifugal clutch

Premadasa Extreme Gravel Karting - Nawala

The Premadasa Riding School, Sri Lanka, has recently opened the first gravel karting circuit in the country in Nawala, the Premadasa Xtreme Gravel Karting track; offering a unique and exciting experience for racers. As a gravel track, it is a significant departure from the traditional tarmac experience, allowing karts to drift more easily, resulting in thrilling overtaking maneuvers and an opportunity to hone basic throttle balancing and steering skills.

The track is 440m long and features a tight hairpin and chicane followed by a swooping straight. The dynamic nature of the course creates a challenging and exhilarating experience, particularly when it rains, adding more mud and adrenaline to the mix. However, with the absence of suspension, the ride can be bumpy and requires a level of physical endurance.

The circuit is flood-lit and permits night driving, adding an extra dimension to the experience. This means that even after dark, racers can enjoy the thrill of gravel karting and put their skills to the test.

The cost of a round of 10 laps is Rs 2,000, which is very reasonable compared to other karting venues. Given the unique experience and the levels of fun offered by the gravel circuit, this is an excellent value for money proposition.

In conclusion, the first gravel karting circuit in Sri Lanka is a thrilling and unique experience. The Premadasa Riding School has done an excellent job in creating a challenging track that is both fun and educational for drivers. The combination of the gravel surface and dynamic track conditions make for an exciting racing experience that is unlike any other. The cost is reasonable, and the night driving option adds another dimension to the overall experience. If you're looking for something new and exciting to try… this is definitely worth a visit.

Premadasa Extreme Gravel Karting

Track & Kart Dimensions

Track length           440 meters

Track surface         Gravel / Mud

Track layout           One tight hairpin and chicane followed by a swooping straight

Kart specs              Petrol powered 4-stroke, single speed with centrifugal clutch

Electric Avenue – Prodrive Academy - Kotte

Electric Avenue, located in Kotte, is the newest and most innovative addition to the karting scene in Sri Lanka. The track, although shorter than the traditional ones, measuring at 280m, still packs a punch when it comes to the experience it offers. The location is ideal, right by the Etul Kotte - Thalawathugoda main road, making it very convenient for visitors.

What makes Electric Avenue unique is that it is the first electric karting experience in Sri Lanka. The karts have been locally converted to electric, using a locally assembled lithium cell battery and a standard electric motor. The performance of the electric powertrain is impressive, and noticeably different from the standard ICE-powered karts. While the acceleration is slightly de-tuned for safety, it is linear and will easily hit speeds north of 100 km/h, which on a kart is a fast. Riding the kart is surreal experience however due to the lack of no vibration and only small whine from the electric motor, which also means that you can’t hear any of your fellow drivers sneaking up on you!

The track itself is quite narrow at certain places, and with a length of just 280m, only a maximum of 4 karts can run at the same time for safety reasons. The track has a swooping straight combined with a small chicane and two hairpins, one being quite tight, allowing you to even experience of drifting an electric kart! However even with two karts on the track, overtaking can be a little challenging due to the narrow track. However, the high performance of the kart, coupled with the short lap time of less than 20 seconds, makes for a short but exciting experience.

At Rs 1500 for 10 laps, Electric Avenue is the most affordable karting experience in Sri Lanka. This is aided by the low running cost of the electric karts, and the fact that the track has solar panels to help with charging, making it a sustainable venture. The karts can apparently even run for as long as 200 km on a single charge!

Overall, Electric Avenue is a welcome and unique addition to the Sri Lankan karting scene. With its convenient location and affordable pricing, it provides a quick and thrilling experience that showcases what the future of karting will look like.

Electric Avenue – Prodrive Academy

Track & Kart Dimensions

Track length           280 meters

Track Surface         Sealed

Track layout           One swooping straight combined with a small chicane and two hairpins

Kart specs              Electric powered

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