Unlit Pedestrian Crossings

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Published on 31 Dec 2021

They are mushrooming here, there and everywhere; earlier if it was confined to inter-sections, a.k.a. junctions, now ‘Traffic Lights’ are installed at every conceivable location, mostly at pedestrian crossings who still mostly don’t care a damn if the ‘Crossing-Man’ is RED or GREEN or in between – they just go across anyway, anytime!


Walking briskly at least in areas demarcated for ‘Walkers’ is a good option rather than being confined inside the cocoon of a car-shell; yet when pedestrians jaywalk or walk across any pedestrian crossing night or day, regardless whether eye-contact was made with driver of motor vehicle or not appears to be of least concern to many uncaring pedestrians who taunt the ‘Grim-Reaper’ at every given opportunity! They love to run, jog, even chat on their phones, crossing roads! It’s time TV Channels, without wasting valuable TV time having ‘political chats’ reserve quality time: at least as a 5 minute CSR activity to educate the public on traffic related issues, such as importance of being vigilant when stepping on to a road and indeed the Do’s & Don’ts on how to cross a pedestrian crossing!

The following is an extract of a letter from Cricketing Legend Michael Tissera who is an avid reader of MOTOR magazine in general, and this column in particular; he bemoans the lack of proper illumination at Pedestrian Crossings and need for awareness by pedestrians re the Do’s & Don’ts for pedestrians.

“A point I keep harping on is UNLIT PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS. On Wednesday night returning from the estate, I nearly ran over a man who was crossing the road on a poorly lit road. I did not know there was a crossing there, till I came right up to it! Also how about teaching pedestrians how to use a crossing? Many jump on to the road when the vehicle is almost on them and expect the vehicle to stop…” Michael Tissera

Thank you Michael; you have prompted me to delve on PEDESTRIANS in my ‘Snippets’

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