1977 Toyota LiteAce

A workhorse of the past is now a head-turning classic

Do you think the first owner of this van ever imagined that it would live for forty-seven years? As he or she took over the brand-new keys from the smiling salesperson, I highly doubt that expectations of such longevity were at the forefront of their mind. Yet, here we are, forty-seven years later, ...

Published on 09 May 2024

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, colloquially known as the G-Wagon (as an abbreviation of Geländewagen) is a four-wheel drive SUV manufactured by Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) in Austria, and sold by Mercedes-Benz. Originally developed as a military off-roader, later more luxurious models wer...

Published on 08 Apr 2024


Hillman Minx Mk III

When penning a few words on the wheels of the past, it is somewhat a boost to find a single ownership car that has been in the family from new. Even more encouraging is that this Minx looks the same as it was on the date of purchase which was 8th January 1958 ....

Published on 29 Dec 2023

1922 Wolseley 10 E3

Hundred year old Wolseley Heirloom

The Wolseley 10 E3 was made as a replacement to the Pre World War 1 E2 Satellite in 1920. The newly designed E2 and the larger Fifteen A9 both featured cutting edge advances, with their overhead camshaft engines and electric starters....

Published on 25 Dec 2023

1961 Ford Consul 315

A Scaled Down Galaxie 500?

The Ford Consul Classic, known as the Ford Consul 315 for export markets debuted in 1961. The Consul Classic was meant to be a scaled-down version of the American-market Ford Galaxie 500 for the UK market, envisioned to be “suitable for the golf club car park”. This tells you about Ford’s aspi...

Published on 28 Nov 2023

1962 Renault Floride

The Renault Caravelle was manufactured and marketed by Renault for model years 1958–1968 in a single generation — as a rear-engine, rear-drive open two/four-seater designed by Pietro Frua of Carrozzeria Ghia, using the floorpan and engine of the Renault Dauphine. Outside of North America and Bri...

Published on 25 Nov 2023

Reliant Regal

The one and only in Sri Lanka!

The first time I saw a Reliant was on TV, in an episode of Mr. Bean in the early Nineties. As Rowan Atkinson’s beloved character relentlessly punished this hapless light blue three-wheeled van in ways bordering on sadistic, I wondered if it was the result of the studio’s creativity. Surely, it w...

Published on 22 Nov 2023

1988 Volvo 240GL

A Swedish tank gets a new lease on life

As the sun directly blazes overhead, I barely feel it while lazily steering this 1988 Volvo 240GL down Ministry of Defence Road (yes, that’s the official name of the road on Google maps). Driving in fourth gear at an indicated 40mph, engine purring away and air conditioning impressively chilling t...

Published on 26 Sep 2023

1974 Rover P6 3500 V8

When the Rover P6 debuted in 1963, it looked positively futuristic. The penmanship was from Charles Spencer King, who also drew the Rover SD1 and the Range Rover. This car was a clean sheet design, and Rover’s entrant to the executive car segment. The first variant was the Rover 2000, powered by -...

Published on 05 Jul 2023

1964 Triumph TR4

A survivor that's been in good hands throughout its life

Anyone who has driven a Triumph always seems to have a grin on their face when steering these diminutive British roadsters with their perky engines and rorty engine notes. Triumph is a well-known name in Sri Lanka; our parents and grandparents definitely remember them by sight alone. Sadly, the Triu...

Published on 23 Jun 2023