Our Story

Motor Magazine was born in 1995, and launched in the cool climes of Mahagastotte, at that year’s running of the historic Mahagastotte Speed Hill Climb. Since then, we’ve come a long way as the first dedicated Sri Lankan automotive publication.

We’ve tested hundreds of cars, featured hundreds more, attended more launches than we can remember and cemented ourselves in the hearts of the Sri Lankan motoring community whilst making a modest presence overseas. We are proud to say that some of our current writing panel grew up reading our magazine and have been inspired and influenced by it.

We briefly dabbled in a television production titled ‘Motorque’ which ran for several seasons, and we hope to revive it as a video series in the near future as well.

In 2006, we achieved yet another ‘First’, being the first publication in Sri Lanka to concurrently publish each monthly issue in a special digital ‘flipping page’ format, as well as in print. The digital issue continues to this day, whilst we have temporarily ceased printing due to changing economic conditions brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sri Lanka is a small island of just 22 million people, and yet our rich automotive culture and heritage is akin to that of a much larger country. Within our shores, we hold more automotive diversity than many of our regional neighbours, and Motor Magazine is proud to support the community in any way possible.

1st January 2022 marks the launch of our revamped website, which is once again, a ‘First’, being the first proper, modern blog-style Sri Lankan automotive website that is optimized for equal enjoyment from mobile as well as desktop devices.

Stay tuned, for we’ve got another large project coming up later in 2022 that once again will be a ‘First’ in Sri Lanka’s automotive space.