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Dilip is no stranger on two wheels, having spent a significant time racing them in the past. Our resident two-wheel encyclopaedia, he is happiest when astride a saddle, and is itching to throw his leg over a bike, to go out and feel every characteristic of it, any bike will do, he absolutely relishes the sense of freedom that two-wheeled motoring brings with it. Don't let his appearance fool you, he can show the young 'uns a thing, or many!

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Remembering that your motorcycle would be your partner for the future do you wish that your future be electrified or petrol? Supposedly, sustainable? Or fossil fuelled? Many words have flowed beneath the bridge on which rides this conundrum. This is probably the most researched article I have (in ov...


Test Ride of the Luyuan Alfa duo

(March 2020) The Luyuan Alfa is a rare example of an electric scooter among a sea of petrol-powered, CVT-driven machines. Check out Dilip's comprehensive test ride report of these two eco-friendly machines....

Past Blast

1958 Vespa VBA 125

This restored Vespa was the oldest participant in the 2019 Classic Scooter run from Colombo Galle Face to the finish point at the Wurth HQ at Pannipitiya. Piloting this oldest-in-event two-wheeled classic was one of the youngest rider participants a youth of just 27, Kasun Jayasuriya. The Vespa from...


2019 Yamaha MT-15

(OCTOBER 2019) A motorcycle maker must be looked at from a 360-degree view when we consider the design innovations of that manufacturer. Take Yamaha for instance - it seemed for a while, in the sub-continent, that the brand was not doing anything exciting, not innovating. Yamaha was carried by the ...


2019 Luyuan Alfa Cruiser

(MARCH 2019) For a comfortable, convenient and easy ride many choose the scooter type of two-wheeler. It will slot into the tiniest of spaces, and it will carry your crash hat under-seat, your office files, a big part of your grocery shopping, and if your better half wants to go on a ride you can’...


2019 KTM Duke 125

(JULY 2019) On the 8th of May this year, KTM’s Duke 125 was introduced to Sri Lankan motorcycle lovers. Even before the Duke 125 landed on our shores, the KTM Sri Lanka order books had seen much activity, we are told by the KTM people, and since the official launch many more riders have happily fa...

Past Blast

1938 BMW R71 Outfit

In 1938, it’s year of manufacture, this R71 outfit (the term for a motorcycle-and-sidecar combination) from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG was recognized as exceptional. After a number of decades in retirement, this 82-year-old has gone through a nuts and bolts restoration. Interestingly, this combi...


2020 Yamaha Aerox 155

Yamaha’s Mio Aerox 155 VVA S-Version could well become the benchmark by which sports scooters of tomorrow will be recognized. The bar has been raised - and super-high - for the scooter world by Yamaha Motor Company Japan. This Yamaha is, as recent bikes from this two-wheeler maker have been, so lo...


Aprilia SR125

DECEMBER 2018: When I was told we’d be ride testing the little sister of the Aprilia motor scooter we had ridden earlier (Motor’s April 2018 issue) I was keen to experience and talk about the similarities and/or differences between the siblings. And such close family resemblance was what I expe...